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Than that though Yeah i heard you talking about anybody. Taking bets on across the court by any straight of bed i like to get involved in it or somebody taking straight or visit. Well so just just you know just if anybody taking straight of but i definitely like it. Take a better to everybody's talking about the pbc trying but ain't nobody bedding kuenssberg under the damn well fighting bet against them basically gonna talk and type and that's the best about it. You know what i mean. I bet on the stoppage or somebody want to bet on the side. But you're gonna him out get hit too much so again. Then that's michael all right. Do me a river to do. We gotta get ready. You got a flight. he's going to watertown early out the dumi metron. Yeah man. i'm being think we've got to everybody anyway. We can again peace sal. Tbb fem is going down. Watertown wisconsin is going down champ. We gotta finish business champion. Let's go bulldog Joe so What do we got. What did we got key main around. And i got there by so te'o instagram. Double check these suprachiasmatic wind We get we did stop at coach rivera. He says he has rashidi she sister. We don't want data main event. We said that hymie going said that wholesale alejandre's where is that cannella from oh from knockout books. Hold on let me get. The exact canal is a spanish channel. Bro so you know. I'm not the best but is called. Father's sh-sh-she sorry about that all right so this youtube channel is called book sale. They knockout informa- book sailed in oak out informa- so that's means boxing. Knock knock outs of boxing information. Weird right nasty. Te'o instagram on twitter. On the next one bruce..

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