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I'm from ABC News. I'm Dave Packer. The death toll on the Surfside, Florida condo collapse has risen to nine. Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine, Kabul. One victim passed away in the hospital, and we've recovered eight more victims on site. A small army of searchers continue to gently dig. We have 6 to 8. Squads that are on the pile, actively searching at any given time. Dozens of people still missing. It's an agonizing time for their families. When Michael Noriega and his father arrived to the scene after the collapse, they found a family photo and birthday card given to his grandmother, Hilda two weeks ago. To me, it means that Whether my grandmother is here with us or not, that we should feel comfort in our sorrow. Cruz continuing to work around the clock searching for survivors, line employees. ABC NEWS SURFSIDE in New Mexico investigations into a deadly Albuquerque Hot air balloon accident. All five people on board dead. ABC's serene Shaw's in Albuquerque, Eyewitness Josh Perez says the gondola hit a power line catching fire. Hitting the roadway. All the victims are from central New Mexico, including 59 year old Martin Martinez, a former Albuquerque police officer and his 62 year old wife, Mary Martinez, the NTSB now joining the FAA and local officials to piece together how this happened, You concerns emerging over growing cases of covid 19 Delta variant hospitalizations of the rise in several states where vaccination rates are lagging ABC, Selvin Lopez has more from the CDC in Atlanta, while overall new covid cases Dropping. The opposite is happening in several states with vaccination rates below the national average hospitalizations in Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada or all up by nearly 20%, or more and more contagious strain of the virus is tightening its group around the world over the weekend, the UK hitting a record number of new cases since February. You're listening to ABC News Koray news radio.

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