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It's so hard to say hot hand in that situation, but in answer to your question, that's that's That's the way it was played. I think we'll take it week by week. Cody was doing a pretty good job in there. So, uh, you know, Bobby Scott said that he would be a good, uh Good guy to keep in there for a while. He did a pretty good job in there. Um, obviously got to do better, but, uh, we'll take it week by week. So that's where it stands, so I would anticipate unless they were enormously impressed with the way Cody Ford played in the second half. You might see that rotation again this week, and this is not a foreign concept under Sean McDermott. We saw Italian Seki and Cody Ford is a rookie platoon at right tackle, probably for the first eight weeks of the season, right? And we also saw as Eric would pointed out who appeared on the show earlier. I think it was the first year of coach McDermott 2017. We saw Vlad Ducasse and John Miller platoon at left guard for the first month of the season or so, so this is likely to continue. Also, Quentin, Spain saw Quentin, Spain after signing a new contract. Get benched after week two. Or in a week to get benched, then released, Uh in week five. They will not hesitate to Cut bait. So, yeah, if they're not happy with how it's going, they're going to. They're going to work on it. They're not going to let status quo does not exist. Yeah, so I would anticipate that Platoon will continue going forward and if one player Clearly separates themselves himself from the competition. That guy will play more of somebody down the line gets into the conversation. You know what I'm saying? That could happen to? Yeah. Tommy Doyle was inactive. Spencer Brown. All those guys, um Yeah, well, just wait. Things can change as we have seen Brian table and coach. McDermott also addressed getting Josh Allen and a rhythm, which proved hard to do in the game against the Steelers. So Brian Table was asked what can be done to get him in a rhythm, and coach McDermott was asked about You know, kind of how Josh was impacted by the atmosphere on Sunday. Here they are on that. There's different play types, right? There's you know, you can turn your back and play action stuff. And you got a good rush. And even though your play action, you know they might They might get back to you. With your back turned. You can keep it all spread out in front of you so you can see the whole defense and try to get the ball out as quick as you can to play makers. Um you know, there's our POS. There's Draws their running game. You know you you try to you try to do whatever you can do. Um, you know, Look, he certainly had some good plays in there, and he certainly had some plays that you wishes he had back just like we all do. Myself included. Um, So that's that's what we get to work on. Josh is a self aware person athlete. He's been in the game. You know, enough years now where he can, He can self correct and that's important. And you know he's humble with with, you know, admitting to some of those that he wants back and so, um, you know, we talk about those things as a team. I know he's spoken with. Um, you know, Ken Dorsey is coach and Brian Devil as well and they discussed some of that, and it's all about Hey, how can we be better this coming week and making sure we're taking those steps towards that towards that direction? This week as we move forward practices, So, uh, yeah. I mean, you know, listen it. We knew the environment was going to be that way, And that's the way we want it, uh, again and then give credit to our fans. Um, that's what we've got to go to execute at a higher level, so in certain situations. So I thought it was interesting that coach specifically referenced The atmosphere. He clearly believes it had an impact. On the way, Josh Plate. Yeah, I think he alluded to that..

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