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D._j. So he really appreciated but interesting enough first of all while wow this was to pox house and it was his how winter she wasn't lying to try to get that sale. I'm not finished. This is my story william. A will ferrell scene is old. Let me finish right dog so we're walking to the house. I'm like wow two bucks house. That's really cool. Ending we go in the back yard and she jonas gorgeous and she goes over here. It's a slab and it used to be a dog kennel and she goes oh and that's to pox writing and i was like why i was like. I'm sorry can i can take a second. Can i take a picture of this so he had etched in there a few who phrases and names and honesty all looking this gave me chills because you know it was to pot for real and send this to my friend like had a really good conversation. What if it wasn't i mean. She went all out of her way. No no it actually so we had to name sketch in there which is castro in napoleon. I'm wondering those his dogs names but castro napoleon obviously dudes who kind of took over their time military leaders and whatnot castro monopole france yeah that was his pool yeah but but so so this is what this is what the thing said that that took a picture of it said outlaws with z and it said let no man separate what we create and i was just like oh yeah. That's two bucks. Now is so oh to park. Have you guys seen that movie call and she's not she wasn't the type of person compton. That's one of my favorite movies. Oh yes he wasn't it yet. Unless he made an appearance in that he was in the movie and then he got us for saying spin off movie from ice cubes group. I was like no he wasn't yeah okay. Okay good okay. You're right. He was in the movie but but i just thought that i was honest. I got chills. Y'all and i told the lady i was like yo. I'm not even mess because she wasn't making it up she she she didn't she didn't know anything she was just like yeah. I don't know is that cool and i was like it's super so why why are why. Are you like the house. It says here that castro with k yeah. It's actually a cousin of his and a fellow performer. He was in outlaws box group. Yeah oh shoot. I thought that was like i the realtor should have known this napoleon. Schanzer researching goes to pot fans. We are we all right danny. Amy manny got it actually another rapper. Wow holy crap okay. Maybe that was like their little blood oath. You know what i mean like it makes sense. He said let no man separate what we create too..

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