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The Energy Department says the U. S. Installed a record 15 gigawatts of solar generating capacity last year as it shifts toward a renewable dominant power grid to address the threat of climate change. Solar now represents just over 3% of the electrical supply. But Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says solar could produce enough to power all homes in the U. S. By 2035 To do that, however, the department's Renewable Energy laboratory says the country would need to quadruple its annual solar capacity. Installing 30 gigawatts per year between now and 2025 doubled the current rate and 60 gigawatts double again over the following five years. Ben Thomas Washington The Federal Reserve's latest survey of business conditions, finds US economic activity downshifted in July and August. The Fed's beige book cites rising concerns about Covid's Delta variant as well as supply chain problems in labor shortages for the slowdown. Americans held back on dining out travel and tourism and the report also notes particular weakness in auto sales that's attributed to low inventories due to a shortage of computer chips. There had been expectations The Fed could soon announced plans to start reducing its monthly bond purchases, which are being made to help lower long term interest rates. However, analysts say that's less likely given the decision. Pointing August jobs. Report. Ben Thomas Washington A death row inmate is seeking his pastor's touch during his execution. A Texas death row inmate set to be executed for killing a convenience store worker more than 17 years ago, is asking that his pastor be allowed to lay hands on him as he dies by lethal injection. The request by John Henry Ramirez is the latest clash between death row inmates and prison officials over the presence of spiritual advisers in the death chamber. Ramirez is set to be executed Wednesday. His lawyer says Texas is violating Ramirez his first Amendment rights to practice his religion. The state now allows spiritual advisers in the death chamber, but there can't be contact between the prisoner and the advisor. I'm Walter Ratliff. U. S. Employers again posted a record number of job openings in July. The Labor Department reports openings rose to 10.9 million last month, topping the record set just in June. At the same time, the department's job openings and labor turnover survey showed actual hiring dipped slightly to 6.7 million. Meanwhile, layoffs rose slightly to 1.3 million and nearly 4.5 million people quit their jobs. That number, however, as soon as a sign that many Americans are confident enough in their prospects to seek a new job, and overall, the report comes as assigned, the labor market is bouncing back from the coronavirus recession. And Thomas Washington ST Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was the only house of worship destroyed in the 9 11 attacks in New York. In its place, a national shrine will have a ceremonial lighting Friday. The domed Greek marble shrine is close to the reflecting pools that mark where the twin towers once stood. When we like the church from within. Represents the triumph of literally the triumph of light over darkness. Michael Passaro's is with Friends of ST Nicholas. The victims did not die alone. And Chula Catsimatidis has a special connection to ST Nicholas. She remembers when her late brother John, first discovered the small church. Remember my mom saying that Because she was such a devout Christian. That Um That John and the other victims were being cradled by ST Nicholas. Her brother died on 9 11. The interior of the shrine is slated for completion next year. I'm Ed Donahue, a giant monument to General Robert E. Lee is no longer towering over the Confederacy is former capital. In Richmond, Virginia, cheers and chants as a crew lowered the 21 FT Bronze monument more than a century after it was raised. At a year after Governor.

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