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They're really popular are you can do them all over the place. is especially famous for because they get the best waves in ireland Simply because of the location bread it's more popular among the younger generation than anything. I know family members still went up. There they lova and they were of an older age as well so it has something for everyone but the real hot spot donegal is definitely the league cliffs. These cliffs are dramatic is the only way to ca. Put them delake rages. They only have one side that you can fall off if that makes sense. They're like you can walk along these small little Would be safe and get clean of experience. That's what these cliffs are like. And they're about an hour and a half from donegal airport. I was there once again. I've been gone once. When i went on our trip now employment to go back this the place i really wanna go back to disown roy hair if you see pictures of these cliffs to sunrises here are incredible actually follow a few people on like instagram. Still fund. their wakened old butler's four in the morning and then they're going to catch. The sunrise is here and it's like wow. This is incredible. You don't get this year. The one thing we didn't say about this part of the world it sort of true when i was talking about the dingle peninsula but it's true the pictures i'm seeing donegal also is it's very much a windswept landscape. It's kind of like the joke about. If you get lost in the icelandic forest what do you do. Stand up there. They're not a lot of trees. It's wide open rock and fields and such. So you've got these spectacular views of miles and miles from on top of these clips that you're talking about here because there's there's nothing to break the view. There's no trees to speak of just so open. I think that's why a lot of people call them for the surfing as well..

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