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Welcome to native America calling. I'm Sean spruce. This month marks 47 years in prison for Leonard peltier. Here's renewed efforts to win his release, whether it's the presidential decision on clemency or through compassionate release. The ailing 78 year old peltier has considerable support, especially among fellow Native Americans and others, like the UN, on the international stage. At the same time, there is serious resistance to any leniency for a man convicted of murdering two federal agents. Today, we'll go over the current case against belter and hopes for a change in his status. We're back after the news. This is national native news. I'm Antonio Gonzalez. Indigenous people and their allies held events Tuesday in Canada to honor the memory of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Down carbon check reports on the annual strawberry ceremony. A couple of hundred people gathered in downtown Toronto Tuesday in front of police headquarters, many of them told stories about families that have lost loved ones. During the ceremony, people were given a cup of water and a strawberry to hold. When cut in half the strawberries look like a heart, organizers say the strawberries are part of the memorial because it's a woman's fruit, and a symbol of hope and rebirth. Organizers say the gathering in Toronto has been taking place for the past 18 years, adding that it's an opportunity to gather as a community to pray for loved ones lost to violence. Joey twin is an indigenous activist. My mom was murdered when I was 6 years old in Calgary Alberta. 59 years ago and no justice was served for her murder. And so it's been going on for many years our indigenous folks, you know, get murdered, missing and murdered. Our

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