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Oh fun to watch the kind of analogy onscreen that you see george clooney or mark wahlberg or a denzel i mean just it just done so calmly in so effortlessly and i just really liked watching that and it's a mode that you don't experience too often with your big female movie stars anymore i would say though what makes us scams in her case okay is it she's not really pulling them over on people just pulling them over on system the prison system you the corporate capitalist system that allows these extravagant exorbitant hotels even exist in the first place she's she's scamming like if there's a if there's a spectrum of like people that are okay to scam it's never going to be like do you know poor undeserving like she's not stealing identities of homeless people are elderly women she's like robbing someone who probably won't even notice that their hotel bill has been extended a couple of days or somebody who hasn't noticed they've lost a fur coat from iraq i just want to put her scam ruinous in context which is not like she's just out to get over on the world no right it's very it's yeah simultaneous generic enough to be said morally satisfying are satisfying without any sort of moral complications and you're right i mean there's a degree of satisfaction that comes in both these properties oceans eight an killing eve that comes from watching women operate outside the paradigm of normalcy that we assume women are supposed to behave within so it's fun watching women really just give into their it and eat a lot drink a lot have sex a lot sometimes kill a lot just do all these things that we use.

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