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And i think was destined to happen a few more times after that but Mac what a what a talent. What a charismatic figure and he really came into his own around. I would say about two thousand two thousand and three thousand four. Basically when he had become world champion i mean he was hit his stride and there was nobody hotter than eddie eddie was just on top of his game even if you look at the the run he had with china may she rest in peace as well. The run the china and the whole mama. Sita and all that. I know vicky handmade mentioned in the documentary on eddie Back then that you know mama. Sita was something that he was. Always calling Vicki that's his wife and you know that sort of luck. Latino heat that that that latin passion that latin love latin lover type of gimmick that he was doing it was basically just him turning the volume all the way up. Tv for entertainment purposes. That's how he was with his wife. He was very much in love with vicky. And you know it's just great to see that vicky is still the business. She's gotten back into the thick of things with a e. W as i mentioned last week. Now she's managing nile rose and of course Their daughter is gone into the business. As well and you know just wonderful things that are still ahead for the narrow family. Charleville looks amazing. He looks like he's he's he's he's ready. He could beat up a piece alaska. Not get hurt you know. He looks great. He looks great I know he at one point. He run the promotion down in mexico with a alberto del. Rio or elbow to elbow elbow alberto but throat And i know that that promotion from what i understand is no longer around or not operational at the moment but cia wu has been doing some great things in his life and his business ever since the passing of his uncle and one of his best friends at guerrero It's just the nothing replaces eddie He was the original heat seeker and the original heat. Jeter like he he he could play the he'll he could play the face. I loved him playing the lying stealing cheating. Eddie guerrero who had any means necessary would win a match whether it's disqualification cow note with some type of luxury that he was doing he just truly was an incredible talent. And i'm glad that did not waste any time putting him into the hall of fame after his passing and Two thousand and six eddie truly truly deserved all the accolades. He deserved all his flowers so to speak while he was still alive. And there's just no telling where he could gone in the business you know after losing the title to jbl and you know him regaining the title from either john cena who ultimately be jbl and kicked off the sina era or it could have. Could you imagine those matches eddie. Guerrero and eddie eddie guerrero and john cena for the world title and they had competed for the us title. And all that but it it just on a higher level when you take the world title put that into the pitcher and the put into the mix and you up the game of an up and coming and just real up. Start with john cena. Being pushed to the top tier main event level. You know as his his peak in his stride getting it to that next level and ultimately becoming a legendary figure in the company and eddie already a legend in that time you know a very iconic Individual in the wrestling business having competed all over the world up at that point and of course it in the top of the mountain..

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