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Emergency in. Icu beds filling up because of a new surge in cova patients. Piedmont hospital east side has formed a unique partnership with county government to provide access to vaccines to people in the southern part of the county. County has been working with the hospital in public private partnerships in june to provide a vaccination clinic at east sides campus in snowville. It's currently the only hospital gwinnett. County government has a partnership with to operate a vaccine clinic. The county is providing east side with money it receives through the cares act last year to support the clinic. The county and east side then worked with the georgia emergency management agency to set up a memorandum of understanding to get the clinic up and running. The clinic is offered on tuesdays and fridays. Starting at eight am each day. The vaccinations are offered. Walk ins are accepted without a reservation until five pm on tuesdays but the clinic stays open until eight pm on fridays. 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Although programs rates terms and conditions may vary and are subject to change without notice. Call eight eight eight four nine three four three to eight for details. Where mask mask. Is this really much to ask. Tyson fabric around your face. So it's the simplest of tasks at the gym at the store. Don't treat it like such a chore. Our county public school students could be required to wear face masks for awhile or maybe not much longer. There's no clear answer. On when the district's facemask mandate could end according to gps superintendent calvin watts. The superintendent talked briefly with the daily post on wednesday about cove in nineteen cases in the schools. Mitigation efforts and the facemask mandate he did not put the mandate in place his predecessor j alvin wilbanks established. The latest mandate days before his tenure as school chief ended but it is his decision on when to end it as a friday. There were nine hundred. Nineteen current active confirmed cases of in nineteen in schools. That number's up from seven hundred. Six total active cases reported in the district on tuesday. But it's also down from the one thousand fifty four active cases that were reported on september first district reported it has two hundred eleven current probable cases of covert nineteen lawrenceville residents in authors. Elaine smith and tim westover. There's just an appeal to writing books that are set in historical settings. They can't resist. Westover and smith have written about very different time. Periods and locations smith is written two books about a girl named ellen. Jones that are set in the period around the cuban revolution that resulted in fidel castro. Coming to power with the latest call. This is ellen. Jones reporting meanwhile westover said his book the winter sisters in eighteen thirties. Lawrenceville smith and westover got to talk about their books at an author's event hosted by the gwinnett county public library system at the gwinnett historic courthouse in downtown lawrenceville on thursday night event was titled southern voices. Hello i'm rodney. Sculthorpe and i own a one tires and more in lawrenceville. Don't break down on three sixteen on your way to again. Come get your car. Checked out at a one tires. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to be on side of the road and miss kickoff. Get to a one tires of more before you head out. Tune-ups ball changes fluid checks. Whatever you need all of our at one tires morris guarantee you can find us online at a one tires and more dot com or give us a call at seven seven zero nine six three eighty three thirty three. Remember at one tires more. We're more than just tires. Relocated directly across from lawrenceville police headquarters. And we are a one on your run. Engineered solutions is your locally owned and operated commercial and residential foundation company. That specializes foundation repair basement. Waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation consumer investigator dale cardwell. I've done the research already so you don't have to be examined gene and now september is suicide prevention month. Jp edwards is here to learn more about this heavy topic and to find out about the resources that are available in gwinnett. We're joined on the podcast by amir abdul hafeez. She's a program coordinator at guide inc. September is suicide prevention month. And amir i appreciate you coming on the podcast to talk to us about some resources that we have locally great. I'm excited to be here again. Gwinnett has a lot of different resources. That can help anybody who might need some help with mental illness mental disorder just anything on or suicide prevention as well. The biggest resource that has viewpoint health. It is the behavioral health hospital bent is located in gwinnett newton and rockdale on a believe the parts of the state of georgia But they provide a lot of services to individuals who need treatment in support. They do trainings to the community And they have multiple locations. And it's really. It's a really good resource. And they will work with you for payment They'll take any kind of insurance but also you don't have insurance than you can talk to them and they will work with their phone. Number is six seven eight two zero nine two four one one. But you can google or research viewpoint health and then for another source that we have. It's also part of viewpoint. But for our latino community. We know that when it has a very large population of hispanics latinos A medina's they have a group called alleanza. Deputy karatina or a t. l. for short it's part of viewpoint but it provides affordable linguistic in culturally appropriate help for the latino population or the latin x Turn now but They so for anybody in the hispanic community they can reach out them in. They can provide the same resources but in the language in culturally appropriate amir abdul have feed as program coordinator at guide inc. And she's with us on the podcast because september is is suicide prevention month. Now last week on the podcast you told me some disturbing numbers specifically in gwinnett county in one of the things you talked about was an app where you could chat with somebody what what was that. Was the app for the georgia crisis. Access line or g as it's known they. You can download the app for completely free any. You can chat with a counselor right there. I'm there's a button to chat and it will connect you with a live person and you can definitely talk somebody right there. And it's twenty four seven so anytime of the day or night you can reach somebody in in my correct in saying that one of the important things that guide inc wants to really get out there is that.

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