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We know that those two guys are pillars. But when you look in the mirror. They made a big mistake Marquel folks. And not necessarily just taking him number one, they also gave a pick so that they dropped him instead of taking Jason Tatum a Boston tea. The actually be Philadelphia with these two guys in the lineup without Cari Irvine, Gordon Hayward in it. Also, a Celtics squad has the opportunity potential to get three count them first round draft choices this year, so they're only gonna get better. So it remains to be seen who's going to emerge that third player. I'm looking at Wilson Chandler. I think he has the versatility upfront and knock down the three. He had the toughness to compete defensively. He has to be that guy that they can count on consistently once he returns to the lineup. Interesting. Well, let's watch Mark helpful. His very first NBA three pointer. He steps into the Kim LA. Lots of space. Always. He hits it. The crowd reaction. The crowd gave him a standing ovation for hitting the three pointer. Would that make you feel better or worse about yourself? I'm not sure I would like that. It makes you feel better because they're knowledgeable fans, and they understand what he's been dealing with recently in particular with his jump shot, and they know hot portent having a number one pick is and that guy be productive. Imagine what they're going to do been Simmons ever hit at three. Well, laid Mr. rose. You know, we always talk about a lot of news, but right now it is time for news that matters. Now we complain about Uber drivers a lot on this show, and we plan about the company Uber LA. That's what we do it out of love. We do because we use the product so much and they're always thinking Uber is, and they're trying to think of new products. They've got some Uber helicopter thing they're working on. They got Uber eats going on. They have something new that they're working on Jalen rose. It's called Uber works. Now what this is it's for businesses and it's a staffing solution. So if all of a sudden you need like a new staff of people to come to your office and help you out with the project..

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