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So the two out walk costing tony debris columbia's starter on a one l pitch wilkerson garcia taken this one low and off the plate into right field as a tough sequencer brody out there bobbling it then falling to the ground it wasn't gonna be enough to get allie bars anyway he was hustling around third he was gonna score easily maybe a chance of the big arm that's not really brody's game the center fielder with great range but not necessarily the arm that would have made it all that closes down thompson williams watches a first pitch delivery outside for ball one left handed hitter shoe city iowa and a product the garnet and black the university of south carolina he grounded out the second to second base news i trip tornado throw to the bag checking in on garcia who has given the river dogs the lead wilkerson with a twoout rbi knock it it's one nothing charleston here in the home half of the third and now a cutting amiss spy thompson williams one ball and once right you got to wonder what you're thinking or feeling like when you're down thompson williams you're coming up to the plate with using with confidence five home runs in your last three games he hit three on tuesday between the two games of doubleheaders e tips one vowel to make it a ball in two strikes in and out of the glove is sanchez but the almost is not want that day off yesterday mingka's dom flew down back to tampa 'cause that's where he was rehabbing for us activated from the l he took the whole day yesterday dr backup dampen charleston i would think you'd almost as want to stay in your routine when you're going right like that one too in the dirt bouncing away from sanchez in hustling up the second welcome garcia will get in there easily on a wild pitch with another man now scoring dish with two outs here in the third that only do you now want the day off you probably don't want to come to a home ballpark that's got a relatively deep portier and twenty mile an hour winds blowing in you got five home runs and was it four days three days.

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