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Continue to do that. This game, and it's kind of a springboard for him because his game has been up and down up to this point you mentioned the Big East and have challenging you could be locked up is a training. Still to try to build this defensive identity at game speed. You don't have We didn't have the preseason. We didn't have any of the nine conference or not a lot of it outside of that couple of weeks. Where's Avery played several games in that 10 days stretch, I thought, Is it for him to build that with the new players that are eligible? When I try to get that Roland playing against each other, because in practice, you know what's gonna happen. Offensively, You know your system supposed to go. That's right. Well, you know, it's just something to get to work. It's difficult, but it's a challenge for every team. Xaver has a deep roster. If this was the situation last year, Where is Abel had about eight scholarship players has been nearly impossible to do that because they didn't have 10 scholarship players to play against each other in practice. Least they have the luxury of that with 13 scholarship players this year, But it is something like that you're gonna happen. It's a day it zah culture is something you do every day and And eventually it just becomes a habit. Playing hard is a habit. Playing at intense level is a habit, and that's what the coaches air trying to instill in these teams. It was just like Saint John Saint John's. They have a culture of playing super fast and and playing at a tremendous pace. It's been something ever since they've been in the Big East. They've done that. And so Xavier's trying to form their identity and build their culture as well done enough to this game. Who you see, maybe can emerges. The complement to the starting line aboard a compliment off the bench is on the verge of breaking through here for the Musketeers. Well, I think it's a big game for Dewan Odoms. Because Mike they're gonna be so many open course situations. I mean the way ST John's. I don't know if you ever seen him play, but they will gamble. They were overplay. They'll give you a Lane to the basket, and you're just not used to that. You know, they'll deny passing lanes. They won't let you change sides of the floor. So no one is going to have to handle that. Now, the ones 1st 3rd game in the Musketeers when they played against eastern Kentucky. He turned the ball over seven times in that game, so That was his first look, it tremendous amount of pressure at this level, so I think he is going to be the key. I don't know if he's gonna be back into the starting lineup. No, it doesn't look like it is a zay say that they just put put it up. Cobi Jones is gonna be in the starting lineup. So, uh, but old, I'm coming off the bench. He's gonna be important because he's gonna be the guy the trigger man. He's gonna be the quarterback. He's gonna have to decide what temple you played. You push it or do you pull it out and run offense, making those decisions being that quarterback out there is imperative. When you're playing in the game like this guano did have his career best seven rebounds against Eastern Kentucky. She mentioned turnovers. I'm gonna take him off the glass. It's gonna have a good night tonight. He also had three blocks shots in that game. There you go. So good night for guano. Hopefully here for the Xavier Musketeers. Take a break. Be back with warning you create pregame show This.

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