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The end of the first quarter i will barnstorming donovan williams a five yard touchdown run for the iowa bar summers to take the lead after the josh gable kick failed twenty two fourteen at that point i o bar summer's on top at the thirteenth seventeen mark in the second quarter then with channel four left to play sioux falls renzo brown to your touchdown run the pat was good four plays fortyfive yards and the sioux falls storm took a twenty one to twenty lead and then judd harrelson took a twenty six yard touchdown pass from lorenzo brown the miles berkner pat to place thirty two yards and the sioux falls storm extended lee twenty eight to twenty at the seven fifty six mark in the first half and then at the four five mark grady role in the iowa mr numbers five seventeen yards as drew powell found grady rolling on a four yard touchdown pass to get within two and then a wild wacky play on the ensuing kickoff as the kickoff return specialist damian powell damon powell took the kickoff return about five yards deep in his endzone blotted out to the far left side got up to about the eight yard line and then was chased back tried to reverse his field and dug himself a hole out all the way back in his endzone and was tackled from behind and a safety and i i miss call it as a ruse point in the indoor football league if you catch your kickoff return if it's kicked to you and you don't get out of the end zone you're tackled before crossing the plane and the goal line it's a rouge points and you're allowed one point as a kicking team this was a safety in that tied the football game up at twenty eight twenty eight at the three ten mark left to go and then the.

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