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What the Republicans are and some Republicans are doing to the president let me get a caller in first and get thoughts comments and reactions from that caller who who is with us on the line Thomas I believe it is and and you're on WRKO Tomasello. Hey Mike how are you I'm doing great how are you Thomas. I remember you in ninety two up in Seattle. yes Sir another left wing city has is Boston that they're actually they're both sanctuary cities aren't they. Seattle was a gorgeous city in nineteen ninety two it turned into at all well if you take a look if you take a look at the streets. thankfully I matter there but if you take a look at the streets they're no different in Los Angeles I don't get it but that's the way it is. by the way on a side note I remember how will you cover the Randy weaver case and how media made that guy out to be a white supremacist living it up a military style bunker and then we actually saw you out it was a two story house she'd one eleven why would on the outside so this. why I bring him up is Tom distorts the truth for a narrative yeah we had lieutenant colonel Bo greitz on the air many times during those days and he was out there trying to calm the thing down and and unfortunately it didn't work out there were lives lost I'm justifiably but you're right the media to have made it appear that this guy was a complete wacko when in fact he was just living a quiet reserved reclusive life with this family they would leave alone but anyway at the end he didn't want to cooperate with them to get Richard Butler an Aryan nations in.

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