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Show. I'm Jamie Markley bat is David van camp. Okay. A few things you gotta go over is the president saying, no, I don't regret what I said the other night. Yes. So this came up again an old controversy involving Montana congressman Greg Gianforte who assaulted a reporter and Trump was laughing about it during a rally last week. And you know, everybody was clutching their pearls and say, well, this is directly in the context of jamarcus yogis, death and all this stuff going on with that. World. A is a tremendous person. Tough cookie. He was asked whether or not he regretted talking about Greg Gianforte says no different world people's what do you mean by different world. It is a different what they're really saying. That these fifteen goons. Saudi Arabia, go and take out a journalist because they were inspired by Trump. That's what we're supposed to believe. That's what that's what the take has literally been from people because Donald Trump says mean things about CNN that gave license to send fifteen goons and murder somebody. So every time they've done that in the past. It's because they look in their crystal ball inside Donald Trump in the future being mean to you actually have that glowing or got it. Remember that picture with Donald Trump putting his hands on the glowing orbiter? That's a crystal ball apparently. Okay. And they were able to see. Yeah. Someday guy named Donald Trump is going to lead the United States. He's going to tweet me things about CNN, and then we can murder people got it. Chris Cuomo is ready to throw down. Oh my gosh. The macho thing going on Chris Cuomo, not happy about Trump laughing off Greg Gianforte as salt case and really really showed them who was the real. He man here. Everything June fourteenth did is weak your tax. Someone was in a threat was that every disadvantage to tissue. No control no-confidence, no respect for his office or is constituents or for the law. He's weak. If he doesn't like it. He can come body slam me as well. Welcome. It's week to threaten people come and pick on meeting big guy. We bring in Scott, Robin, Scott. You love some Chris Cuomo..

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