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Discovered in Kyiv region Saturday Russian military conducting air strikes on Ukraine's capital city Saturday Russian forces once again fired on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv This time targeting the eastern part of the city at least one person was killed during that attack the Russian defense ministry commenting on their responses toward the Ukrainians and it has many officials here in the capitol concerned that more could be on the way We've heard air raid sirens multiple times so far and we do know that the mayor of Kyiv vitali Klitschko is warning residents not to return Fox's trae youngster and key Ukraine The Russian defense ministry claiming they're now in control of Mario's entire urban area Russian missile striking world central kitchen in kharkiv Saturday wounding four staff members A shooting at a busy South Carolina shopping mall Saturday the day before Easter Ten people were shot and two others injured Columbia police department chief of police WH skip holbrook speaking at a press conference Saturday Very active investigation right now There's some important pieces of information we think that's necessarily that we put out right now The two O three this afternoon a citizen contacted Richland Columbia 9-1-1 reported gunfire at the mall near the gap store We started receiving a series of emergency calls after that This prompted an all response from all enforcement Three people are in custody and connection with the Columbian center shooting Firefighters in southern New Mexico trying to contain a wildfire that killed two people and destroyed over 200 homes Authorities lifting some evacuation orders Several businesses and residents in Philadelphia filing a lawsuit Saturday two overturned the city's COVID indoor mask mandate that is set to begin Monday America's listening to Fox News From the Fox News podcast network the Fox News rundown a contrast of perspectives you won't hear anywhere else Your daily dose of news twice a day going far beyond the headlines Tapping into the massive reporting resources of Fox News to provide a full picture of the news of the.

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