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Bisexual. Gina is here in the put. A Penny Wilkin. This stay put everybody but I have to say when we were talking about Gina I sent an email and I just said randomly any chance you could pop into the right. Now into the podcast. Just random I didn't know if you're work Gina. Welcome to the show. I'm so happy to be here. Let Me Finish High Gina. No kidding. I'm kidding Gina Okay. Here's the deal you what were you doing? I literally just when we're having the conversation right when we were saying Damn Gene. I typed an email to her saying. Could you pop and right now and it took two minutes and you did. What were you in the middle of right now Gina? I was on the phone with my boss. Oh so you're actually working. I am working but I don't have any more calls. Okay I have to say Gina is so cute genus beautiful smile that I think are kind of new. Okay I got tuber but I'm also really happy that I kind of did my here this morning because normally glasses in all my hair wrapped up into beanie understood. Well you look really cute okay. We did. We discussed your email. We discussed Your Voice. Mail to me where you were sort of your feelings about what we said. Now I feel so bad. Don't feel by got you on the show girl you worked. It was great so just walk me through this very quickly and I started telling want everyone to will finish that story. I was telling you about my family. Okay so we're just back to gene so we we talked about you last week. We talked about these long eight. Twelve minute rambling voicemails. You you leave me. I played when I love getting them. I played them on the show. Where were you listening? Where were you when you started to talk about you? I was texting with Nikki at one point because I use her for the life coaching and she was just kind of like what we did with you on the show. This week was so hilarious and then I was refreshing for two days to away for the episode to come out and then once it finally do I listen to it immediately but now I feel super guilty for say anything I feel guilty. I was just like I'm pretty sure. Ross thanks that I actually never saw off no. I don't I'll tell you this a couple of things one Nikki's professionalism shines through in this moment because she'd never brought up that you were doing coaching with her. And we've been talking about you extensively Nikki. Congratulations I am. I don't care she can say anything. I don't really say anything consonant. My Will Isis. And I like that about you but I would just be cold is holding things close because you know I just I would never want to cross the line because I love Eugene. Well done to Gina. I forget what the second one was. Okay so here's okay so you you refresh and then where are you when you're listening to US talk about you while at home? Because that's where I am doing everything these days so probably whilst working I was listening mostly and I imagine at first. You're excited they're talking about me. Well it's exciting the whole time. I always love when you guys bring me up. Even if it's any sort of junk worm I I just to be included. Okay good well you are included. Look where you are and then there was a moment when you're like oh. I think they think I am just a lunatic. Who Won't shut up. I was like I think Ross thinks that if I came on there would just be me and he'd have to be like okay. We're going to kick around at the zoo. I don't think that I don't think well we'll see no. I don't I don't think so. We is wanted to make sure that got. You taught me a lesson because with that and then with Gina and Diane I was like okay maybe I should get people's okay for talk about him and then but now having Gina on now. I've decided that I'm not ever going to do that. You just good good because the truth is I knew we were fine. I knew you would know that we were finding. I did email you back after cure a screen because this my memories it was well it was Sweden. I told you how I really feel about you. I forget what I was. GonNa say you guys. I can't remember anything. Memory is really bad too. I think it's corners not through now before we started the program because I had extra time you know the ads. Like here's a polling back record. The ads sometimes before during this quarantine them together but record before sometimes after before. And you'll hear the answering the I just stumble over words. I didn't even didn't even. This is the way the show lose. All Its magic. Yeah yeah usually edit the show but usually if I fuck up an ad I'll be like Oh. Let me pick that up right when I was. I think I go David doing it for eighteen years. Eighteen I dunno. I love that. Can we ask like Gina some questions? Yes Gina. So how are happy to see you me to really adorable? How're you doing with your love? Life are you in the by part of Gina Gina. I kind of retired the straight part of myself. I mean I'll still look at Jason. Momoa and he'd be like okay. I'm not totally gay. 'cause I've had a lot of experiences with men I've retired and I've been with my girlfriend for about a year who's great. You WanNa come say hi own. Just got so cute door. I've been s Vanessa. So I GUESS GINA. Do we need to refer to you now? Is the artist as sexual? I think it's important to show visibility. It's not just one way or the other people were fluid. I you know I love the good. Well I I want you to know and I want you to know from me and from all of us how much we do love you and I also on know we are going to. We talked about it before the show. I'm not gonna read because the audience already heard it before you before you came on on the show We we are going to create a game for you or segment and we're GONNA We're think we want to call it. Damn Gina Okay like Damn Gina and we got to think about what that is for you and so I want you to put your little kilo you know. Dimple face head to it. Okay I want you to think about this. What can you contribute to show? What kind of gang we do you want to be a report or maybe we have a damn genus segment. Where your your reporting on something and it can be like that you know I know it's quarantines it would be safe you know but even just report on what's going on in your apartment or something. I don't know GINA BUT WE'LL FIGURE IT OUT DEAL DEAL. I'm in you feel loved. Yes but I did even before I mean to be here on say a but I I always do you even know. My name is still mind boggling to me everybody in my life. Yeah me too the good lesson here when you speak your truth and just say how you really feel about things. It works out. It works on your advantage but Gina. Why why are you laughing? I miss them of the fact that you know my name so the fact that you even know my name boggles me and I was like too. She's Christ why do I feel the Genus Little Cuba? Why do I feel the need to like? I play with her like a cow. Yarn right you play with everybody with Yarn Kate. I'm mom I two things. I have to go the go the guys here trimming the hedges. He's done I have to pay him. You need to go in and talk to you probably next week renew damn gene and then when we come back. I'M GONNA finish that story. You understand. Yes guy. Destroy Gina. Thank you so much for being here. I love you is okay and gene story plus I have a new game okay bye..

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