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It was a huge party for the whole team and we had to fund. So I was up pretty late. It was my first official party. Ever, ever. But I didn't drink. I was hammering water. Don't worry. What do you mean, never been to a party? That was your first time being around a collection of people celebrating something? Yeah, kind of. Foreplay, presented by barstool sports, brought to you by our very good friends at Chevy, Chevy EVs, a big show. We got two guests on this show in theory. We're in a weird spot where we have recorded with one of them. We have not recorded with the second. But I do believe you're going to have Tommy Fleetwood on the show who's going to come second and the next voice you're going to hear that's not one of these four is going to be Tom Kim. The international hero, the lightning rod from the president's cup who won the Wyndham championship, which was one of my favorite tournaments now in Greensboro, just a couple months ago, is going to grace us with his presence on this very show, extremely excited to talk to Tom Ken boys. Tommy, a bunch of Tommy, it's just two Tommy. Oh, true. Yeah, the toms. That's a strong show though. Tommy Fleetwood one of the best characters in the golf world, even though he doesn't even try and be just like looking at Tommy Fleetwood. He's a character. He's got the hair. He's got the look. We've got the history with him where I said he fucks. It didn't really go over well, but now we're best friends with them. And then yeah, Tom Kim is just an electric factory. He kind of just took everyone by storm at this president's cup. I mean, we had Danny rapoport, kind of letting us know that this was coming. He saw this storm coming and then it still hit you like a ton of bricks. I still wasn't prepared for it. It's like, who the hell is this guy going fucking nuts? So yeah, I'm really excited to talk to him. I think this was a massive week for Tom Kim and I know that because it like some of my friends who aren't really huge golf fans were like, wow, this guy's electric. You didn't need to be a golf fan to realize that what he was doing out there was not normal.

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