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Not gonna go out there. And so i thought man. If you kkob it'll be really nice to like have supplies on deck because my myself yes And i had a friend that did get it in like their mom gave the drop them whole of their apartment gave him a whole lot of things and it was really there for that so i knew that i would have family. That would like you know homey figured out because my sister that covert and so. I saw how we organically stepped up furnace for her. But i just in case that made me my folks have work or like you know i'm by myself with my only diety like maybe song is alive that next to my bed. If i could not get up what would be back. And so i was asking people who had gotten cold. Would hope for them. I was talking to other people. I was yeah just trying to gather. That information wasn't at my own exactly and then i thought for the people who are going out there. If there are gonna be spikes in kolding what you know. There is these these like packages that they could have That was the original thousand original idea. So part of it was like my own comfort level. As i was reflecting about it i was gonna go out there and not even though i knew that was not. Yeah and then when it really hit me. That i wasn't that but we're going to go. He and we don't know if there's gonna be a spike or what's going to happen. I thought maybe it will be nice to like. Have these packages Yeah now that was the original idea. This is really cool. Because i guess i. I don't think we've thought about or maybe i feel. Sometimes maybe i may not have thought about this as as much as well thinking about being resourced doing covert. Because i guess i was also not. I was not living alone. I was ahead housemates with me..

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