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All those episodes. Now, it's time for a personal anecdote for me for all the skippers up there because they'll never know this bit of information that you the loyal listener who just lets the the tape play you'll have this information, and they won't and here it is. I once had a pet frog. I was a frog guy for like three months, which is very strange because I've never I've never been like I never had a snake. I was never exotic pet guy. I knew a friend with a monkey that didn't end. Well, I won't say how it ended. It's very depressing, but I had a pet frog that was far as I went into the reptile or small pet or Guinea pig or fish arena. My mom had several fish over the course of my childhood. I never cared for him too much, and they usually ended up dead within a week. But this frog he meant something to me. I picked him out from PetSmart Cuco. He was green. He was about the size of like, I don't know silver dollar, and he always would escape from this this habitat, I built in this. You know, you by cage when you're in PetSmart, it's a seat. It's not cage. It's a seat through habitat. And you fill it up with stuff that frogs love and the hang out in there. Well, he would always escape from this fucking thing. Like from the gig from day one. He got finding ways to open the lid. I don't know how I would never see him do it. He would just find ways to get out at find him in my room and have to put him back. His habitat. So of course, I named him Houdini because he was escape artist. I don't remember what kind of froggy was. But again, he was a PetSmart frog. He was awesome. And he was dope. But then one day Houdini escaped from his cage he often did. And he decided never to return. Couldn't find him in my room. I searched the whole house under every possible, nook and cranny, Knowstone, unturned, couch, cushions beds, everything torn to shreds Houdini was gone, and he was never seen or heard from again. I like to think he's out there somewhere nature running a frog podcast with an organized crime. Syndicate that steals, whatever it is frogs care about as much as we care about. Poland napkins to shout out to Dini, the frog I once had, and that's my personal antidote that all the skippers out. There will never know real life. I know they're all fucked. Follow us on social media. We are on Instagram at the. Ross bowl in podcast wore on Twitter at Ross Bohlin pod. We're on Facebook at nobody knows nobody cares on Instagram everyday. We're going to fill up our story with content photos and videos provided solely by you. The Rb p gang you send that content to Mike via Snapchat at W. R bowling is, my Snapchat. Mike is that Mike keep the snaps coming? We'll take the best ones every single day and put them into our Instagram story at the Ross bolan podcast, if you're wondering what kind of content. Do I.

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