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The remark of all your next report's at ten forty four i'm kierra jordan on komo news 1035 we check the forecast with seth wayne the chris all morning out there leading to a gorgeous afternoon high temps in the upper 60s push it about seventy degrees go over this same thing tonight early tomorrow morning so expected other coldstart swat mourning wednesday but again dry the end of the week i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center all right let's take a look over to eastern washington currently sunshine at forty nine and wall awalleh right now and ellensburg sunny and forty nine after friday sunshine and fifty nine jail as fair skies and forty six in bremerton sunny and fifty six and right now mostly sunny fifty six at seatac airport we've heard the phrase as stick to sports quite a bit in the wake of the protests in the nfl last week however there's a long history of athletes using their platform to fight for our cause abc's chris calmly has that story colin kaepernick it begin a year ago hoping to send the message there's a lot of things that need to change one's one specific specifically's police brutality he saw his message give its means of conveying the man the attention of the nation even stevie wonder lifelong entertainer and activist during a concert in new york's central park tonight i'm too far america really even planets off future leader of the world arco did unsigned by any nfl team for the two thousand seventeen season can't predict could not be on the field where he said he wants to be were nfl analysts and players have said he deserves to be i think cabanillas saudis started quarterbacks in this league absolutely should he be on a roster imo pain absolutely instead he could be thin can cyberspace retweeting a host of images of players and others who supported including military widows as it than response to reaction he told the undefeated that he anticipated you're going to have that backlash for trying to fight for people and that was something alice fully prepare for seventy years ago jackie robinson broke baseball's color line in nineteen forty seven with the brooklyn dodgers is he told the cabinet abc in 1932 the whole situation in.

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