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Minnesota defeats Detroit 6 to 2 Michael Pineda. With the victory, going seven innings, allowing two runs on three hits with two walks and six strikeouts. He's wanna know Michael former the loss O and one, Byron Buxton had a double and his sixth home run of the year. Ryan Jeffers with his first he drove in two runs. And Eddie Rosario had three R B eyes for Minnesota. Detroit could only muster three hits. Seattle wins again, doubling up Texas 8 to 4 Marco Gonzalez with seven good innings, two runs allowed on four hits with no walks in seven strikeouts. He ups his record to five and two. Johan Ramirez picked up his third save. Rangers lefty Colby Allard slips toe Oh, in five Kyle Seager with his seventh home run for the EMS. He had to R B eyes. Dylan Mohr home run number six. He also doubled and drove in four. And for the Rangers, Joey Gallo had two ribbies Cleveland over Kansas City, 5 to 2 as Zach, please. Sak led the way. Seven innings pitched, allowed a run on seven hits with four strikeouts, toe up his record to three and one Brad Hand another save Major League leading 12th. For him. Brad Keller took the loss. He is three into Toronto out slugs. The Yankees, 12 to 7 in Buffalo, Danny Jansen homered. In a 10 run sixth inning. It wasn't just a homer. He had a grand Slam off Adam Ottavino. Jansen had the four R B eyes in the game. Ottavino just a nightmarish outing. Six batters faced six runs allowed for Blue Jays had to or more R B eyes in the ball game. The Yankees hit three home runs. Aaron Hicks, number four Miguel Endo car with his first And Luke void with number 14. Oakland blanked Houston six. Nothing As the Astros slide continues. Chris Basset was tremendous seven shutout innings. Scattered seven hits, did not walk A man and struck out for Sean Murphy was two for three with his fourth home run. Three R B eyes in two runs scored Aves A's locked it up with three runs in the bottom of the eighth. Christian Javier here took the loss. He's foreign, too, By the way, Bassett with the wind. Ups, his record 23 and two Padres over the Rockies. One, Nothing getting a run in the bottom of the ninth Jackal Wrap up the clubhouse show Next scores from National League parks on the KO Iraqis radio network. Dave Cho beer, wine and Spirits is the world's largest liquor.

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