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Be something and the reality is like by the time ago. Goodness and so i think best fit available. Hannah works the other way where it's not is the player a fit or like what you're doing it's do you have the ability to fit that player into the birds. Yeah that's and that's how. I feel like teams probably and i'm sure they do but i feel like it's something that gets forgotten. A lotta is like the end of the day. I think team should draft a guy that they can develop the best also be able to use them in their team but like for example with an orlando. I know a lot of people have giddy going to five eight and my opinion. I don't see that as a good fit or good idea. Just because they have all these guys who already need the ball in their hands to be able to create. I mean markelle folds have coal anthony. You have guys. Rj hampton even jonathan. Isaac who you know brought the ball up a lot for orlando. It's it's kind of you know a little gets little overcrowded. And especially when. You're young team like that. I do agree to the sense of the guys on your roster released but you know orlando specifically that's You know three lottery. Picks i just named and another one who is top twenty. Those guys are looking to develop for the future and so it gets overcrowded. And so like for example. What the rockets right now. I know there's people saying like. Oh you know kevin porter jr. being there shouldn't really matter but kevin junior is our lottery. Pick in a way you know. He was such a thirty and probably should have gone thirty. If there wasn't the attitude problems And so he's he's the lottery. Pick that we're developing so you don't really want to hinder his his progression. Even though i don't think drafting jalen greenwood hinder progression. If that is what happens. But i do. I do think that.

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