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It doesn't look good for the debts it. Nobody just typically wins. The first you have every time anyways takes you know. Chemistry ever played together. Something i definitely wanna talk about. Lamelo ball quebec the middle fan. I'm excited for what he brings charlotte hornets. We have has excitement. Since grandma analyst alonzo mourning buzzy bugs they curry days. Mellow coming back to make us help us. Make that push to to because right now we in the plane and we were playoffs. We were in the playoffs when the bella was playing right now we need to play in an opposite but right now we got. We got injuries to go to. When her sir we could we need it back we need mellow back a scary terry's football now i remember when jordan let kibbe walk ago. Did pain the money. Everybody should pay. Kimber canvas campbell. Ads have been it out for the celtics. As much as a rosiere has been balling out for voters. So that is. that's what i moves academically. Say give it credit joint. Whoever decided to make that move that we ain't paying you know kemba walker tear rozsa. Give him a smaller contract. You know but he's out. He's out for their buddy and he's going to get even bigger probably 'cause he's bought out you know either charlotte. I mean take a show that has to keep terry rozier. You can't can't let go 'cause he's bought out this ain't the kimmel walker diggers campbell. Was this kid was breaking down injury prone this that and the third and it is what it is. You know. kobe's day size not renewed nike contract. My first thought. When i saw this was probably gonna just do the whole day or you got something in the works with jordan brand jordan is like i said earlier resent kobe all of which i didn't really talk about. What more can i say. I mean kobe. You know. Kobe was what these favor players..

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