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Live from npr news in washington i'm shea stevens house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate democratic leader chuck schumer say they will meet with president trump to discuss ways to avoid a budget stalemate they cancelled a meeting with trump and their republican counterparts last week after the president tweeted that he didn't think he can make a deal with them and pr susan davis has more policy and schumer said in a statement that they hope the president will go into this meeting with an open mind rather than predetermining the outcome beforehand and they have a lot to work out congress needs to reach an agreement on federal spending levels to keep the government running republicans want more money for defence but democrats say any uptick in defence spending should also include more money for domestic programs democrats also want to cut a deal on immigration in exchange for their votes for these spending bills but republicans say that debate should wait until next year in the meantime congress's ontrack this week to approve a stopgap funding measure to keep the gut and running through december 22nd susan davis npr news the capital novel who nation leaders say they plan to sue the trump administration over its decision to shrink the size of the bears ears national monument in utah by more than eighty percent as k jcc stena seek reports from phoenix namho leaders say officials from four other tribes are also involved in the complaint the navajo tribe was instrumental in getting the designation forbears ears which currently spans about one point four million acres in the four corners area of utah catherine bellsouth ski a senior attorney with the navajo nation department of justice says the tribe wants to save the land from mining looting and the use of allterrain vehicles not having the protection allowed her the kinds of activities for it at pretentious related story not only uh uh archaeological site but all over landscape itself which is considered sacred than novel people bears ears was designated under president barack obama last year.

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