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Is no co now presented by shanin. Nation-states here's tanner schwinn good friday morning or the colorado lips. Get it rolling. Shall we on this field. Good friday may and we are ready to go. There's so much going on okay. So it's football season. I know that everybody's excited about football. I'm excited about football But this is also that we can of my favorite golf tournament of all time. It's the ryder cup. Usa versus The the europeans Usa just coming in all over the i usa on rolin It's a. It's a great week of golf so Really looking forward to that as well. It's taking place already. This morning. electra. Electrifying tournament Happening down there joining us now up on the hotline here p. four by four a vip guests. It is voice of unc. Bears jerry schimmel jerry. How are you this morning. I'm doing great tanner. Good morning to you how are you. I'm doing fantastic. Jerry now are you. Are you a golf fan at all. Yes i am role in this morning i didn't have the right kepler on. I got up early to go to work. But i do. Try to watch it whenever i can love that love that tournament. Yeah i've got. I've got my Usa shirt on this morning. So i i'm all about it here but Tomorrow we look forward to put on our. Unc bears shirts and cheering for the bears. As they take on the lumberjacks Let's revisit last weekend because that was an interesting game. And a lot of details about some issues of the bears face regarding covert came out at the. Unc coaches show on tuesday. Yeah that was crazy..

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