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By bringing my misery onto you. So I got this article here. Called Why you shouldn't retire. Put out by somebody I've never heard of before. It's called retirement may not be as glamorous as you think It's by somebody called. Start it up. I'm gonna read this to you because it's the setup that they used to go into this article, and I want to show you how even the setup is alive. From the very beginning of the article. They're lying before even get started on the article, he says. We live in a society where our relationship with work is deeply polarizing. On one side of the spectrum, you have the hustle culture people promoting the idea that you should work. Piras Lee sacrificed everything from your sleep to your social life. In the interest of growing your business and achieving your goals. You can sleep when you're dead. This would be a grant Cardone type of guy who It's constantly talking about 10 X and everything and you've got my money and I'm going to get my money back from you. And I'm nothing If I can't get more money, I have the 10 X everything I do write that kind of guy on the other side. You have those condemn are toxic work culture for draining our energy and taking time away from our families, Hobbies rest overall, well being while giving the little in return for our sacrifice. That would be my site. He goes on and says the overreaching theme. Both of these camps is driven by passion for money and how we make it. In the recent years, Social media has been flooded with new influences on gaining hundreds of thousands of followers online teaching young people about money. You've got the digital nomads the fire, financial independence and retire early people. I guess he's talking about me. The red hackers, the Amazon FB, A aficionados and list goes on. Ultimately, it seems the goals to save as much money as you can quickly as you can so you can retire and finally live a good life. My friends. Think of the ignorance. It just got spewed out of that last paragraph. I just showed you And just proved you and explained you. Retirement is not about a pile of money. Yet. Here's a guy arguing that he is going to tell you why you shouldn't retire when he still doesn't even know how to retire, and even though he named 20 different people that are selling programs on how to create passive income. Whoever it is wrote. This article is so stupid. They don't even get that. That's what those articles are about, or those programs are about is about passive income. So as you go on here, and you read this, it says a Marine again. Ultimately, it seems the goal is to save as much money as you can quickly. That is not the goal. This person has no idea all those things that they named off. Making money on the Internet is about making money rent collectors that's about collecting rent. Nothing there what we do. Is not about saving money. It's about creating password, and I'm telling you, you read this and before you even get out of the first segment. They've already lied to you. I told you that everything you're going to read about everything you're going to study. Everything you're going to do in life is to figure out how to save more money. And you already know that doesn't work. So you might as well throw the article away, but no Let's write an article and tell you why you shouldn't retire. Why would we do that? Because it will make you feel better. About not knowing how to retire. Wow. That's a good idea so starts by talking about escaping the 9 to 5. It's unsurprising that so many people look forward to retirement study showed that up to 85% of full time workers hate their jobs. It goes on and said, But if you look deeper, that's not really a problem. The problem is, they don't hate work. They hate their job. I don't know what this guy thinks, or Gal thinks it. Your job is do you think I just got up and I thought maybe today I'll be an expert can have two player. Or a chess player. I'm gonna do something I like and that's going to be my job. No job is where you go. And some mean person tells you what to do, and they're never satisfied with what you do do and the customers are always miserable to you. Jobs are Demoralizing. In most cases, and what they're saying is no, no, no, no, no, Really. What you need to do is just changed Jobs. Don't quit. Don't retire. Just changed jobs. The next thing that comes up with them is a reason for living. I have a big problem with the idea of the purpose of workers limited to making money so you can provide for your family and save your retirement. And my problem is that the way people perceive retirement and the way they demonize workers as an unpleasant thing we have to do is Inherently flawed. No, it's not. You can't figure out how to get out of it, so you have to rationalize it. But what? You don't understand it. Just think I don't want to stop working because it's a reason to live. It's a part of me, Remember? How do you define anybody high? Tell me about yourself. I am a fireman. A nurse, a doctor, a lawyer. A C P A. A father, a mother, a spouse. What you do is who you are. And what this article is saying. If you stop working, you're nobody. You can never be anybody ever again. Which is insane. There is more reason to live once you get out of your job than there ever was with your job in most cases. In fact, I found once I retired, I got so busy. Had so much stuff to do that had always wanted to do that. I never could do And once you can do it, you open up all these doors and these doors opened up new doors and those doors open up more doors, and it's like concentric circles just go farther and farther and farther. You have more and more influence in your life. Because you can do more and more stuff and more stuff you touch. The more influence you have in the bigger your life isn't the better. Your life is No, they won't just stay in the cubicle. Because they can't figure out how to get out of it. Goes on and says the value of effort If all things were easy in life. There would be nothing to drive us forward kind of statement. And again, this person doesn't know what retirement is. There's all kinds of things you can Create effort on you can try to go from one unit to four units to eight units to 12 to 2200 to 200 to 501,000 to 10,000 units. That effort. You can try to figure out how to run it without you being involved at all. And putting more effort into organization management, hiring and firing as Opposed to putting effort into actually doing any of the work yourself. You have to effort and becoming a better leader instead of a worker. You can put effort into being more healthy and living longer. You can put effort into being a good husband, wife. Mother, father. Put effort into being Grandmother or grandfather. You can put effort into your family. You can put effort in your friends you can get involved in your local neighborhood block community. Subdivision neighborhood. City state. You can put effort in all those things. But no You need a job, have any reason To create effort. The key to a healthy retirement. Everything in mind? We need to rethink when and if we should retire. If you find joy and fulfillment and a 9 to 5 job, then don't let society pressure you to dictate to you decide to hand over the reins to someone else. So it's society. Telling you, you have to retire. It's not that Earning gut feeling every day. When you get in the car and drive for an hour to go to work. It's not that looking up at the clock 20 times a day to see if the day is over yet so you can go home and that drive back through that traffic again. It's not that paying the bills at the end of the month and seeing there's more bills, and there are money. Those aren't the real pains. No, it's society, crushing you with the thought that you should think you should retire someday. Why should you not retire? Because you need to stay active. You need to flex your brain muscles You never need you need to keep exploring. Which is the concept of saying You're not going to be able to do that if you don't have a job. That is.

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