TOM, Lennox, Michael Stipe discussed on Bobbycast - #68 - Kip Moore


Whenever there brokenhearted or wherever the going through bad tom and i wanna listening thing sad like addis i wanna get them you know i liked tapping into that part of our soul i don't i don't try to run from alight tapping into getting now we're still honest so honest units you've got married him he swore we never port but little by little new it's it's in any lennox in the i think he sing sorrow bitterly by our loved tapin eminent patijn if they singing sorrow the singing sorrow i think a michael stipe you think yahoo michael stipe from rem oh man he was very to think about sorrow singers he better as an interesting concept you with a scientific proof so will man um was the song i'm thinking about mandates um a gas in the movie love actually um when she finds out finally found out that he's that that he's having an affair with the young girl the office in there that song is at under the artist and on all of a sudden on his such as saturate up daido journey mic he'll join mitchell that to sing at all rhode is now that year i mean both size now is the sob incredible lear.

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