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The mena house which is the beautiful battle axe very beautiful nightstand' thank you so much thank you checked turn onto stewart from manhattan stewart has an addendum to our french polynesia talk them earlier in the program i stewart your lies well listen there's something on my bucket list that i'm probably going to do soon uh the society islands which is the in french polynesia uh there's some two hundred eighty six two cruises is the pill go gunship some political gone cruise lines very nice you know i'm not cruisers to borgwarner on you no longer society islands and there's another more casual ship it's like uh a combination of either on passenger ship called the island new it's like this is like the sixth avenue noor here's something and its smaller um that's informal one that goes into you know spicer side larger cruise ships can co sign to advise thought so pauline by club before got might be an option for her to go around that might be yeah absolutely i don't know if that's cheaper than doing a land trip there those are both pricey vessels but they are beautiful very uh they have dick core which brings to mind tahiti it's it's very much of the place those two vessels which are the paul gauguin and the are a new e is that the other one guy i know the go gap better uh and the very well respected and have been in business forever i'm looking at the clock we have to take another break we will be right back after these calls message that you know that seventy percent of your scrimmage made out of college rim and cultural production structural the coin of h 25 and 5 i'll.

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