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I think lady apple has been a gonna get ignored ship at national shipping in she's been with steve but the last race that prairie kentucky oaks i <hes> stuck around for third with you know well out of it from sharon getty emphasis standpoint but thought the i will was was a pretty nice step forward now to get amount of quarter though <hes> but you know she is by curling and i just thought we we saw some signs of turning a corner you you know that's sorta midseason three-year-old improvement <hes> i think could be play here up that prairie meadows race <hes> race of course you should have one <hes> she was even money and and and maybe some people will see the half a length and again prairie meadows and question but i think we're going to get the right price on her. <hes> street band i was interested to see was the prime power top ranked tours. I'm brisk net but i'm gonna. I'm gonna pay our own data with her and and granted. It's not a huge debate. I mean she'll be a price to but <hes> ah speaking of step forward. I really didn't like her in the indiana. Oh clearly proved me wrong <hes> but i just you know twice in a row <hes> back doc <hes> i'm i'm just not in her camp <hes> but i i did want to mention it because that can play both sides of the fence if she wins at least i could say i met had it but <hes> i won't <hes> so that's the story there and point of honor was a horse i thought maybe could or could have defeated guana giving her first <hes> <hes> her first defeat and just wasn't up to the task <hes> and show rightly take money also by curling but just think she'll take a little too much and <hes> the other alternatives that i'm looking at including. I said lady apple on top. It's it's fun. It's just fun because of the mile and a quarter and right because there's horses that you know that if they're eager early they're they're gonna end up burning themselves elves out then there's others that may be able to get a pace that is advantageous to them and i don't mean you know like pace for point of honor a close into but a pace that is just amenable to their to their running style and they get into an easy feat and they keep going when you no other are starting to feel the burn and that that's the interesting equation. I brought this up with mike beer. Last hour ed i mean we spend six months on sleeting into the derby talking about all the going mile and a quarter for the first time in their careers and this race. Nobody nobody says blue about. It's it's yeah. It's the first time they're going to these phillies. Go by with a quarter might be the only time unless they run in the del. L..

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