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It was fifty five fifty six brother. And then I young you fifty six oh, thirty six rundowns all share. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Producer screwed it up. Again, Karrada one. I was trying to give them a year. He's trying to get you year. Trust me, I'm trying to take it back to. But I'm fifty six. Mantha Cal for having me on appreciate the loan. You no we're going to see happy birthday to you. Here we go one two three happy for day. What? Hey, listen. I didn't know military nilly was still alive. He'll take that pleased with that. Yeah. All right. So Charles we're getting ready to start the second half of the season post all-star break the Lakers tenth place, three games out of a spot. Are they gonna get in? No regard. Go get in. They're not good enough. Sacremento kings are gonna get in. You guys have their hardest to out of the teams the clip is not going to get in a one. But y'all have the hardest. Schedule of all the teams. So I don't think the Lakers are gonna get in despite having the best player in the world. Well, yeah. But he's Michael Jackson plan budget Tedo taxes. Lakers are not going to get in man, y'all need to let that go. We don't have Jemaine nothing. You don't even have a Jemaine. He'll have a janitor. So so, hey, the closed thing God is Marlin. Too little too late. They wasted wasted this season. Lebron james. I don't think you have to be honest. What you key? What really about this is about who they can get in the future. I said before the season ever gonna be a six seven eight seed even figure that don't matter. It's about the future of who they can get the come to LA and play with the Brian. This is just a year just for fun to be honest with you like I say ever got him. They not go either get in. They're not gonna win the championship this year. It's just about Houla Brian can retreat come LA the next couple years. The key. You talk about who the Brock came recruit out of all the names that floated out there who's not the most talented, but the best player to be couple with an abroad. Well, listen, obviously, you get the Davis. I think he's one of the two or three best players in the world. That would be the perfect scenario. I actually be honest with you. I'm not sure who else would be katie's men. I people ask me like I not like whereas gonna go on like, I don't know what. Hell. I mean. So. TV aiding on up. Twi? I think if you. Kaby of eighteen it makes gonna be in the next couple of years. You've got that just my personal opinion. Where's that leave them? If say they do strike out in free agency. Or maybe they're not able to execute a trade for for Anthony Davis, and they have to roll this again. And maybe it's a little different. Maybe swap out some of the veteran pieces, but he's going to look at this all over again next year, if they strike out where they don't what's going to be very interesting this summer is you got the Lakers clippers and mix and in this all got max for smocks through players. Everybody can't get the stars. I think I think this is a breaking point. So the NBA personally because you've got four the two major markets. I mean, they're obviously more if they don't get to max players. I think is going to be like, wow, they're gonna suck for a long time to be honest with you. And I mean, that's the -sarily because everybody can. Get Qaisy kyri coli those guys..

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