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I understand So who's the, who's the best guy that you ever train with Phil Baroni? Dal fry. Really? You don't say Japan in October. Oh yeah. What about you. Is your train with Cox shit? Like well, the trade with, you know, like I said, well, yeah, yeah better than better than Dan, the Beast Severn. Took the harder one. He has a very dear friend of mine, but I think Marcos got a lot more in his Arsenal than the answers of big, Molly, Bair, you know, all these bands out to get what he does. You know, I can't dance. Yeah, yeah, a little more faith system is just a Mahler, you know, I mean, there's no quit dances, comes forward just attacks. You just smother 0 piece of share that deal, you know, God damn just there's, they're both the animals, you know, crime. Now now Phil, what's up with you and Dan Hardy? Why are you guys fighting on Twitter? We don't know off but you don't know why you're fighting with them. I know. Also box was fighting something for Corona and in England. We're not should never happen. Yeah. I got it. Got it, got it, got it. And then, that girl, that you were dating, there was a black woman. Beautiful, black woman. You guys together, still, or no, no, no, I hate her guts. Why? Sucks. All right. Well, that's our podcast people. Thank you, Phil. Hopefully, next week, next week is never better when I was ready to say. No, it was the best, dude, you've already doesn't matter. Man, there's a while, your mom's room, this is the guest bedroom. All right. Yeah, my mom left when I was two years old, I can't believe you're in a room for five years. Believing to you said this is life. I go to Kevin service, right? Kevin Randleman you know died or service. And how does it on my cheek? I go fill. How's it going? He goes over that fucking sit on your life like at the funeral. Thanks Phil bucket. Nice. Seeing you to you. Like it's a huge look. He pulls that goes, hey guys. Look at that. Fucking zero down his cheek off. What kind of what is this? Like, who is that a computer like, in your face? Thank you. I appreciate have not showed up cuz it might be listed. Thank you guys, man. I'll talk to you. Take care guys. Bye-bye..

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