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Both the tibia NFC Bula, and he's obviously out for the rest of the year. No word on whether or not there is ligament damage there. But we're talking about the type of injury that Paul George suffered or Gordon Hayward suffered when your your ankle is turning the wrong way. I've seen the highlights. I wouldn't. I'm sorry highlight is the wrong word. I've seen the video of it. I wouldn't recommend it. It was essentially the product of him. Leaping for a rebound under the hoop in double overtime and getting tangled up with some other bodies and just coming down hard and wrong on his left leg, and the reaction of the nets did tell the story, but I was actually really proud of his Portland. Teammates who stayed there. To be with him and to help put him on a stretcher. I it was a thirty two point sixteen rebound game for but even more importantly, he was having the best season of his career in helping to balance out the blazers and Dame Lillard. I just feel bad for. Zoom such a great. Do you know hate to see him have to go through something like that? His best season in the NBA. We're going down there. Cruiser stretch in this season. You know, obviously, secure playoff spot. Find our position. Postseason so seen something like that happens to him. Personally, is you never want to see that for your friend or your teammate. And then especially, you know, as a as a player, you don't wanna see not to go through that, you know, he's also going to be hard on our team CJ's already out. Now, I'm having a tough injury. So everywhere, you look at it is you know, I was a blow and felt like it after the game Damian Lillard sober following this victory actually in double overtime, but complete Paul over the locker room this is the night in which the blazers clinched their sixth straight playoff trip. And yet they have lost one of their best players. But also if you think about him, personally, we're talking about a year, maybe more so that not only takes him out for the rest of this campaign. But most of the two thousand nineteen twenty season barring some miracle unforeseen circumstances that we don't know about so thinking of him on this Tuesday morning thinking of you as well hope you enjoy your day. We're back tonight for hump shell. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on.

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