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This is based on some some comments some questions people left on Sarah in my blogs and our Instagram page 'em for best of both worlds. A survey. We did last fall, you know, people are always interested in figuring out ways to make their lives work better in. So while we can't claim to have figured it out, which would be awesome bad, but we haven't. But there are couple of things that work for us as we're managing our households that we wanted to share in hopefully, people will pick up some tips, and we'd love to hear from you as well. So if you have a great household management tip assist them that works for you and your family, please. Let us know because we are always interested in doing things better yet. I feel like it'd be fun kind of to do. A maybe a part two with listener participation next to yet. No. I mean people's best tax that would be. Great one. So. Yeah. Please. Send those end. We'll try to put together an episode on that other. What an sorry go ahead, Sarah as a save. But in the meantime, and in before we dive into that, you are, you know, life updates kind in the thick of it. Book wise, right? Yeah. No. So we're this is airing about two weeks before my book Juliet school of possibilities launches on March twelfth. And so if you've been listening to this podcast in thinking, hey, wouldn't it be great to have more of Laura? You can preorder. Juliet, I would really appreciate it. If you do I actually have a preorder incentive going for people who are willing to to buy the book before it actually comes out. You can just go to my website, Laura, Vander, Cam dot com and go to the Juliet school of possibilities page, you can order it through any of your favorite retailers. They are Amazon Barnes and noble..

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