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No. No. Stay away. Pants on production. Innocent. It's a very funny. Very funny. Did they like it or not they just lose their minds Muslim do some of them? Don't. What are they like like, Wayne Newton? What are they go for? That'd be a thing you could do SABs versus zeppelin. What's the quickest grabbing black Sabbath song? You know, it's easy to say children in the gray. But it does have a build up probably paranoid. I would think you opening a paranoid. I mean, there's a lot of Sabbath songs, I prefer to paranoid. But I mean, I I would say that that's probably the fastest one our guest this comedian. Jim Norton went up you've done a lot of radio. Jim many times. So you'll appreciate this. Every once in a while. I'm sure you had to do the satellite hookup thing. Sure. Do satellite every day. But I mean where you're talking to someone in there, and Cleveland, and you're. Yeah. And we've had Ozzie Ozzie has been in the studio a couple of times. But we've also done a number of interviews with Ozzy on the phone now. This is a absolutely true story. So we're in this room and removing them Strauss. And everyone in the room except for me is trying to. Make the interview go south because ours is kind of hard to understand your Ozzy was hardly coherent. So these guys are all bailing Bob at the time under the desk over there laughing so hard because he can't understand a word Ozzy sing. So afterward dean, our producer. He took the audio of the interview. And is this self contained his have everything in this is this is the the voices on here. This is really Ozzy Osbourne's voice right after this interview, which was very tough to understand him. I I used to live in England. I maybe I'm a little luckier. So that was able to understand to a degree stressing. So this is a been this is actually Ozzy Osbourne on this phone call here, you go pizza gonna take.

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