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Take right there. Hot take. This is the editor aerial board of the Orlando Sentinel. Some readers will wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election before knowing the identity of his opponent, because there's no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump right, the editorial board. Honey badger. Don't care. No one cares. My goodness. This isn't journalism. This isn't intellectual thought this is acting out. This is all this is. How dare that guy be elected prom? King. Let me start now by holding my breath. You talk about tantrums, you think President Trump is throwing the tangible this not sets. After two and a half years. We've seen enough says the Orlando Sentinel enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults. The self aggrandizement the corruption and especially the lies, but enough of the Obama days. Come on. That's good. That's world class right there. The chaos the division. Are we not going to notice, the, the purposeful develop the cameras police acted stupidly? If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon the schoolyard insults. When you see those people waving their teabags, which he said about the tea party never mind utilize the IRS is a cudgel against a free speech, the self-aggrandizement, how many times President Obama use the word I in a speech, every holiday, every event was a picture of him the corruption operation fast and furious, the Iran nuclear deal. Celinda. Just say, and especially the lies if you like your doctor, you can keep doctors like your plan, you can keep your plan. Listen. You can't argue that Donald Trump is perfect. Can't do it. Try you'd fail. You can't argue that there aren't problems. There aren't things that he says that, you know, are just way out of whack with the reality and things that he has man he can't he can't walk away from. He can't. He just can't he, he sticks with things he gnaws on things Chiusano, however, you want to call it, and it's and it's madness. He can't say that the man hasn't made mistakes, like, for example, the Helsinki press conference. He was wrong to say we don't have to worry about a nuclear North Korea anymore. He was wrong to say, I has been defeated wrong. Can't not be honest with these realities. But people like the Orlando Sentinel, seem to forget, most recent bits of history, they wanna whitewash. It's two and a half years didn't bring chaos division, schoolyard insults grand corruption. Or lies. They have been here question is why. And why now are you all of a sudden aware why weren't you aware for eight years? And the fact that you were not aware, and you want to go down this road is why Trump gets twenty thousand people to show up at the Amway center and gets all those people to camp out. It's because they don't trust you. And you won't even take a look inward task yourself. What have you done to contribute to this while you're cohorts like, Don lemon refer to Hitler? You don't call those people out. I just went through a litany of things that are problematic or untrue, about President Trump. I've got judges in the right spots. I've got a finally conversation about the southern border on taking on China, preventing them from being the five G leaders never mind worrying about what they're doing about going deep blue. I'm selling anti-tank missiles to the to the Ukraine. Something bomb wouldn't do paying attention to what's going on in Poland does a hedge against Russia. Establishing or attempting to establish the trade deals that we've better off for the United States and have a rethink, and I have forced those NATO nations to write checks, which is a positive not a negative. I say I'm head of the game. I get that he's not perfect if I want perfect, I can vote for myself, I can vote for Jesus. These my options. The only options that you have our yourself or Jesus. I'm going with the best opportunity in two thousand sixteen. It was Donald Trump. I'm pretty sure those people arlando think the same for twenty twenty damned. Be the Orlando Sentinel. They've just been left out of the prom king vote. They don't even get to make.

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