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I have to say i don't go to haunted house. You know what i do too. I know i have. You gone haunted hoochie. I'll go to haunted. Who chief you guys will go with you. Yes i need my wife to sign a permission form to. But but i'll check out haunted hoochie go ohio just for that. Yeah you know. I might look. I often have business somewhere in ohio. So that'll probably bring me right near haunted hoochie and i'll check it out. You know do off season. So it's not strictly for halloween. Just an f. y. Yeah i i thought it was a year round business that feel being a year round business. Yeah wow i'm impressed. I'm very impressed. I think you guys you know what i like. I admire people. That do what they love. I think that's the greatest gift in life. And i think we're very lucky to live at a time during this american empire when just about anybody can make a living doing what they love and you to love going to haunted houses and you figured out a way to make this a living. That's fantastic l. Yes oh yes. I gotta ask off subject. I really enjoyed the ghana movie. Poster you house. oh yes like 'cause. Let's glacier to we have like a leper composter. Actually you remember the old ninety three. You know jennifer aniston leprechaun. Yeah my friends. One of my good friends weren't on procon movie. Rodman flanders directors talented brilliant director. And he worked on a leprechaun film and he is a lifelong fan of horror and and appreciator of of the genre and yes. I went to ghana and what we found when we went to ghana. I'm just explaining to people listening If this part makes it in is that there's a guy who paints movie posters there of movies that come to ghana and he often doesn't see the movies i so he just paints anything that he imagines so i described my show to him verbally and then he painted a poster for our late night show and it's one of the craziest and most beautiful things i've ever seen in my life. I love that. Yeah i also love the depiction of my chest. Yes yes. I never have no tense. Go anyway. I think i think you guys. I think you're doing the lord's work. No i'm going to change that. You're doing the antichrist's work. Jesus on couple times. There's you know. Jesus christ actor pretty fun wait. Why would jesus being haunted house guests. He no hey he rose from the dead yeah. He's the original zombie. Here i am. Yeah oh well. We're here to pay respect to jesus. That's a whole new twist. He's the originals. My god it crisis the original zombie. And on the third day he who again in fulfillment of descriptions. Yeah i never thought of it that way. What if we came back and just kicked ass and started ripping off. Romans heads out punches pilots intestines through his anus. Like oh my god. That's a whole new take. Jesus is back. And he's kicking ass akwa guys. It was really nice talking to you continued success and i'll see you at the at the haunted house. We'll be there. Yeah yeah i'll be there. I'll be dressed as a mad scientist. Conan o'brien needs a fan with conan. O'brien sonum essien corley produced by me. Magali executive produced by adam. Saks joanna solitaire. Off and jeff ross. Team coco and colin anderson at your wolf music by jimmy. Vena supervising producer. Aaron blared associated talent producer jennifer samples associate producers. Sean doherty and lisa berm engineered by will becton please rate review and subscribe to conan. O'brien needs a friend on apple podcasts. Stitcher or wherever find. Podcasts are downloaded business. Eighteen cocoa production in association with stitcher.

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