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Talk seven sixty wjr substituting steve courtney indeed i am very crowded ridi dove serb fraud of vienna bank to the red cedar this past saturday big goingson with mark kinsella nieto spartans western michigan broncos come a call and and the spartans post 28 fourteen when they moved to two or no early in this 2017 campaign we break it down right now the good coach brought to you by mesa good health good business great schools coach how are you this morning doing well go well i'll bet you are sir first things first the there are a little explosion there in the first quarter brian crazy legs little worke a nice sixty one yard td run longest run for a michigan state quarterback for a touchdown since 1973 were often run of their point coach well you don't said all along that the work you could create in a pick we we see that you know there's other things that we gotta continue get better at but i mean he could be can take off running you can pick a bad play make it a good one and uh any gives us another element by was a pool ball times to so because everybody accountable so that's what i always great thing and it keeps telling me faster here thanks so i would agree with that thirteen of twenty one one hundred sixty one yards had the touchdown also tick thrown into double coverage you knew was a bad thing to do let me ask you this coach a running quarterback is it a double edged sword uh you know some coaches look at it as being uh you know certainly another dimension others look gandhi appreciate the effort you get a little nervous their though is that true yeah a little bit but i i really think that it's something that that you need to be able to do in this day and age in college football i mean you look around and you've got a it's not like he is felt like we've we created place we have it had before he's just more able to do it a little bit more uh it was a little bit more positive results grows give it our guys you optioned a taken off and running with uh with quarterback scrambles when were when there is uh when people are covered but he just a little bit more willing.

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