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The game is mark housing the the senior quarterback bo let him start the game as as a salute to him in tribute to him because his lawyer as a great player a great guy he he was able to start the game but tied fourteen fourteen michigan had to win the game in order her to win the big ten championship they throw your my dad throws the interception they go on to win the only game of archie griffin's career one of the only games where he was held under 100 yards um you know that that that six with your even you know my dad going three in one we still remember that that one loss um so you know the games no matter what they the they stick with yang as a student alex you've i mean of course people go very what's your record when you what record did you have yet athlete and you know bear barrett is somebody who i feel it has been there for eight years and you know i i still feel that he has eligibility laughed i think he's going to try it out there next year when the season starts and we just don't know yet but seriously i mean because no quarterback in the history of this rivalry has gone four hours fence their career foreign l and the fact that he has a chance to do so that's that's that's that's to hear mr fane i mean you know what you said you always judged by writer people care what your sats are people care that michigan contain gt bear for most of the team last year people don't care that you know barrett had a tough time through interception to djibril peppers for the only interception the peppers ever had because the and result little house they want to game yeah so nobody cares about individual stats nobody cares about you know heisman trophy is none of people only care about the results of this team and if i'm if i'm mr fane no matter who is playing at quarterback hopefully it's peters whether it's peers or corn whoever it may be i hope mr opens up the.

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