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One one do not spill truth bombs to someone who doesn't have a filter at the moment. And what does he do? He just opened the tube a little bit. He just let a little bit to face come out. And now we can't put it back in obviously, you can't fault. This converse interest is p her emotions are running high. She's feeling doubtful on everything and you went upstairs, then lifter alone. Others you she's gonna wanna talk to somebody about what she just heard. And it's just the damage control wasn't good either. Because again, catos jumpy and fidgety and the way he talks really translating. You know, who seems like they would be talking re does a really good job communicating with drunk people Ricky with his very calm demeanor. And he talks to you as if you're the smartest being in the world like there's respect there. But when you're talking to someone who's drunk like they're being immature or they can't handle it or they're being stupid. What does the drunk person do turn around and get super defense on not drunk? What are you? Trying to say that mentality translates here. And obviously, none of what kid who was doing. It's working oracle job or something else that I noticed in this conversation that stuck out to me is that we've been talking about how low low in particular, but also Natalie to some extent have been doing some poor jury management and that their betrayal of Jonathan. And the beginning was really the way that they went about it the way that they've defended it is really going to hurt them in the end. And I think that the way that Dina talks about it without even even what without even being with Jonathan. She clearly sees it from that same point of view. And I'm really starting to be like these women are in trouble the way that Dina talks about them. They're backstabbers they they betrayed Jonathan. Obviously, they're gonna betray you Tom and Kato what are you thinking working with them? You know, I think that if those two if either of those women are against almost anyone else in the house. I mean, if you think about it, you got Ryan Jonathan Dina, and Joey I think all four of them are voting the same way. And that's four of nine votes. And there are plenty of other voters who are going to be willing to easily vote against them, including Tom Cato who have been bashed by them nonstop at this point. So I really like they'd better hope there in the final two together at least Natalie better hope through in the final two together. I think Natalie's odds are better than Lola Lola's just sinking well, really low low with the equity she has moving forward, and it all comes down to the fact that on like go. Okay. So the one thing we did find out yesterday definitively is they got to DVD's two seasons of being sequestered. And they were celebrity big brother, not a sharp, anybody and BB twenty. But I guess like what they're not really realizing is, hey, this is a different set. The judiciary is going to see everything hypothetically speaking. So that's why Natalie kind of does fare better because you have mentioned that obviously she's not really in the edited show as. Much. That's all they're looking at she'll get a bit of a by. But Lola will not and the fact that they're feeling this way, leaving the house isn't going to help that any further either..

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