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I don't know fill in the blank you know but it's it's the need to belong in so i feel like religion even my name zeh nab is there's a lot of women in the koran name nab and they nab is often associated with the prophet muhammad in a in a beautiful way you know she's she's celebrated or held in high esteem rather but then the growing up as a kid there was the story told about saint ad and housing was too so beautiful and you know she had she was with this she married her husband and the prophet came over to give them like gifts and he thought he says ena he throws was so beautiful he had to marry her and so since then it's law the almost women have to cover up because only their husbands should see their beauty now basically saying like oh a man saw somebody's wife was so like i now i need your wife and so in order to stop them from stealing other men's wives i gotta just you nobody can see that's ridiculous that's ridiculous but that's that's something in the fate that's what's written by man it's in its manipulated to of course i would be scared to if i if that was the only thing taught to me i'm like well i don't want any i don't wanna insult my husband i don't wanna you know i don't want anybody else to want my husband to just want and so yeah i would have to now it's like no i know how much power and choice i have in wisconsin ability i have you know in also control yourself.

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