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That's theraworx with an S eleven forty five or reading in the first half Rams and bears. Three three ballgame Los Angeles. I intend at the twenty yard line moving from left or. I ride shotgun. Snap the golf swing past the woods on the right side. Woods tripped up and lost yardage. With a flag down at the eighteen yard line. Aaron lich blasting through a block to drop woods for a loss of two. There's a flag down at the twenty one. And here comes another flag to join that flag. Lot of flags. What a great job by Aaron Lynch walk walking the back number twelve. The ten yard penalty. Aaron Lynch is lined up in stand up outside linebacker. He sees the wide receiver screen and immediately hustled down the line of scrimmage and Brandin cooks bad natural. Gotcha. Got a big receiver tried to block Lynch. Yeah. No chance pushes into the back adds insult injury. Second penalty fifteen yards of penalties against the Rams in the early. Going back them up to the ten yard line. I down twenty at the tent, and this is where you got to be smart this bears. Defense attorney you're over behind the change takeaways this year for the bears Goff under pressure pass picked off by Smith of the twenty. And Will Smith. The five take away. No, I thirty one Chicago Bears at its first and goal after the Gulf interception. Fire upon Smith. Well, it's a great job of fraud. That's where it starts. Kevin. Number. I might have been akiem Hicks Phuket's pressure. They don't hit golf, but they rushed off into line. We can get nothing audit. Water. Brooklyn. Just right in the middle. What a great job. Look like is John Buller the backup defensive lineman who gets the push against Andrew Whitworth worth actually hits Goff. And that's why the ball flutter twenty two yard return later and the bears set it up first and goal. Two four try to break. Three all-time for Bisky wonder Senator Cohen in motion from left to right Howard, the Kerry trying to find room up the middle and Howard down to the three and a flag down as well. On the far side. The flag was thrown about eight miles into the air. And it finally draw. Number seventy. Penalty. Still I found that's the veteran. Bobby Massie back up five and its first and goal at the nine bears. Still in the Buffalo Wild Wings red zone. Had to Buffalo Wild Wings for their five dollar game day deals. That was an aggressive. Flags row by Jared. Phillips down that thing went sky high. That's a couple pre snap penalties now on the bears offense. He's not going to be happy about that. Now, we've got a stoppage time out, lavar, Matt Nagy? Chicago. We didn't like some thirty seconds. Now, you're a bunch of coaches on the bears. Look at each other with hands out palms up saying what's going on guys. Whatever it is. It's not my fault. Tony Boselli here. The Grainger broadcast booth at Soldier Field. Huddle up with Grainger, America's trusted source for industrial supplies and safety products. Visit Grainger dot com for whatever you need whenever you need it. Great job from the ones who get it done three three r score. This is a big opportunity for the Rams defense. Tony we saw with the bears defense very early in this game. The sudden change bears got a little momentum. After stopping the Rams and holding them to a feel a little Rams trying to turn the same trickier. Absolutely. Sudden changes where your defense has come up big hole to feel. It's a victory. Although one thing before we get back to the I'm a little disappointed. Well, well. I'll give you a long list. I call the interception on this is where you look for prey. Okay. Good job, buddy. Good job, Johnny. How good job? I in Boston nine was that heartfelt toss point Cohen trying to sweep the right side. There's nowhere to go and Cohen banged out of bounds at the eleven with another flag down bears are going the wrong way. Here backed up at the eleven after that play. And we'll see where this flag takes walk in the back offense number twelve ten penalty. Still. I doubt Jaguar Alan Robinson. Fourth penalty for thirty five yards against the bears. Beep beep beep the bears backing up again, he's number twelve receivers. Walk people the back, I with brand a good this time. It's Alan Robinson signed the big free agent deal. Come out the ACL Asher had a very good week last week. Acrobatic catches. He just gets out of position dives trying to block and the goal Roby. Coleman just gets pushed right back to the right of two on I two golden nineteen head. Hi shotgun. Snap forbid drops along the right hash. Fires left side. Gabriel who makes the catch and his tackle the media review the twelve by Cory Littleton, but seven yards gain on that pass second goal now from twelve yard line, and these families this Dr social crazy. You had I been goal at six. Excuse me, the four five back it up. I heard on the nine walk in the back. I e both from the nineteen now second goal at the thirteen where they spotted after the Gabriel. Catch Trubisky from the gun on second down pocket hole. Throes left side behind Gabriel at the nine yard lines. And now third and goal at the thirteen that bears. Offensive lines doing a good job of giving Trubisky. A clean pocket, Tony. He's just been off on some of his throws all day long. And they have a great game plan so far for Aaron Donald. They're either sliding the.

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