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The nation's capital we're headed to the lower 70s, a little bit later today. Good afternoon, everybody. I'm Kyle Cooper, the top local stories that we're following for you this hour on WTO for years, he was known for working with victims of child sex abuse, and even represented families here in the district. Now a Florida based lawyer has been arrested for child pornography. Pedro investigators say they found Michael dolce in his West Palm Beach home in bed with a laptop actively viewing child pornography during a search warrant, almost 2000 images and 5 videos were found on that laptop according to court documents. While we lived in Florida, dolce represented families in a civil lawsuit against the Washington Hebrew congregation preschool after numerous allegations of sexual abuse by teacher there. Dulce was also known as a political advocate in Florida for spearheading the end of statute of limitations for child sexual battery cases. Luke luker WTO. WTO has reached out to dolce's lawyer for comment. Have you seen two year old K Andre Smith? D.C. police say the toddler was kidnapped by his father, Alvin young. They say Smith was last seen on Chesapeake street in southeast around midnight. He is described as black, three feet tall, weighing 30 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes and was last wearing a blue and white shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. The police say Alvin young is driving a black Chevy Tahoe with unknown paper tags. The car has side and rear end damage anyone with information is being asked to contact D.C. police. A man is dead after a car accident in Charles county last night. It happened just before 5 15 en route two 55 just if east a rather I should say of bibber Y lane. Police say a Honda accord legally try to pass another car when it crashed head on into a Dodge challenger. The driver of the accord 30 year old Claude Boucher junior was transported to the hospital where he later died. The driver of the challenger was also taken to the hospital, her injuries are currently unknown at this hour. Finding parking can be a big challenge in any big city, Arlington has a new plan to make it easier using technology. It's called the performance parking pilot project, how it'll work. In ground sensors will provide real-time availability for 4500 parking spaces in the roslin ballston and Richmond highway quarters. They'll track when vehicles come and go and how long they stay. The county says prices will change to meet the goals of the project, but stressed more revenue isn't a goal. The program will be in place for three years and was made possible by a $5.4 million grant from the Virginia Department of Transportation, residents are invited to weigh in now through the summer. Melissa hall, WTO he needs. Car crashes

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