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Free shipping and handling when you spend fifty dollars ABC traffic in transit if there's a problem with the queens midtown tunnel if you want to head into Manhattan right now you do want to avoid that only means closed off blocked off on the Manhattan bound queens midtown tunnel because of police activity so heavy traffic here on the west bound airline E. approaching the queens midtown tunnel and all lanes now blocked off by police a lot of heavy traffic on the R. fifty ninth street bridge Koch Queensboro bridge lower deck heading into queens especially slow heavy traffic north on the FDR drive from the upper fifties after the Triborough bridge with an accident there's a collision on the west side highway south bound right around a hundred and twentieth street that's causing a delays in both directions and in Jersey north Bergen totally Avenue is heavy both ways coming into ninety First Street I'm G. police talk radio seventy seven WABC Jones forty because that's what kids do this car is your territory and in here your word is law so when you say you won't move until everyone's books but you need to never give up until they buckle up a message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council for more information visit safer car dot gov slash kids buckle up human trafficking is modern day slavery and it happens in our own.

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