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Tell me? How in any universe. It's even remotely possible. For anyone that isn't heartless to dump two puppies on the side of the road in ninety five degree heat leaving them no food, no water and no shelter whatsoever. What was this Guy Thinking? And what does it say about? Obviously the man has no heart whatsoever, navy, a depraved and malignant heart, but fortunately the man who dumped them picked the perfect spot to do it. Six twenty, two, now thirteen, ten Kfi a thirteen, ten KFI DOT com northern Colorado's voice. I'm just shaking my head over the story. It's just unimaginable to me. Mornings Kale live local. The the Auto Collision Specialists Studios Alright as you've heard in our news this morning. Greeley man this. According to a piece I pulled out of the greatly trip by Trevor Read Greeley Man could face felony charges as well he should, after he abandoned two puppies on the side of a county road this according to a release from Weld, county sheriff's department sickens my heart and soul. Yes, I am a puppy lover. Have always been always will be and I understand that well. Puppies can be a little bit exuberant, right? Our puppy broody. Low Shitsu Just turned is about a year and four months now and we call him the Rudin Nader. Because yes, he can be a little bit of a terrorist anyone that has dogs knows that particularly when they're puppies and they're still kind of learning. You know how they fit into the world and how to behave, and let's just say that I well understand that any of rudy shortcomings. Our Mind because I'm not draining him affectively. I'm learning his language justice. He's learning mine, but Rudy just has a tendency to. Tear apart shoes and drawn out to the into the garage and come back with things that I haven't seen for years on like. Did you get that. He's learning. To leave things alone, but unfortunately when you sign on for dog ownership. Sign on for and I don't know the back story of this. I don't know a maybe they own a dog and the got frisky with another dog, and they wound up with puppies. The story is, but there is no justification or rationalization for animal cruelty. And sometimes. Jake! Your hadn't say well. There goes another pair of shoes. It's just part and parcel of being a pet owner. But I digress. This happened about eleven fifteen a m July eleventh. And as I said earlier. When this guy, allegedly dumped these two dogs at the side of the road well, he picked the exact right spot to do it. Because a trail camera captured the footage this as fifty-nine-year-old Brent Moss fifty nine years old. Wouldn't you think that he knows better, or perhaps he just doesn't care. I don't know. He dumped these two puppies on the side of the road without food, water or shelter. This and Unincorporated Weld County. East American just my heart muscles, vehicle and license plate number was readily visible in the footage. Which of course investigators US later to identify? and. If you look at the photos, seriously google this jump online. Because the photos actually show it one of the photos you can see the puppy as Brett's going back to his truck. The puppy is coming off the side of the road and going down where you, what are you doing? Where are you going? And yes I'm anthropomorphized here, but the bottom line is the dog saying wait a minute I. Where are you going? Let me back in the truck. Puppies remained on the side of the road through most day. Temperatures climbed above ninety five degrees. One of the puppies was nearly run over by a delivery truck about six PM. That evening a passing driver stopped and picked the puppies. The question. Why didn't this man? Who allegedly abandoned these puppies on the side of the road. Rent Moss Age fifty nine once again. Who should know better? Who should have said Hey, we can't take care of these puppies I know what the family circumstances are, but the bottom line is. This is callous. It's evil. It transcends cruelty. Says a lot about this person's character in my very estimation. If you put him in the truck. Why didn't he just take them to the humane society? Instead of consigning them to almost certain death. Fortunately. A Good Samaritan intervened. Pick the puppies up. So the Weld County Sheriff's Office strike team got the footage from the trail camera to track down Moss in an interview with Deputies Maas readily admitted to abandoning the puppies. They had them Dedza rights though, didn't they? Moss agreed with the deputies. The puppies likely would have died if it weren't for the Good Samaritan, he stopped to save them. He was arrested Wednesday booked into the weld. County jail on suspicion of two counts of aggravated animal cruelty a felony. And one count of littering, that's a misdemeanor and again I questioned the counts of littering. I don't think abandoning. Helpless poppies on the side of the road is is littering, but I suppose. You've just got to put up the litany of charges to see what will stick right. must now freon thousand dollars bond. Well County district's office has a deadline of three thirty PM July twenty seventh to file formal charges in this case. Don't you think he should be charged with? Animal cruelty. And I know. particularly in a time of Covid, nineteen and I don't.

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