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From the JR weather center. Beautiful sunshine today, temperatures, stay on the cool side of average. We hit the low fifties. Clear tonight little chilly thirty nine for the overnight early sun. Tomorrow clouds for the afternoon, maybe a stray shower high mid to upper fifties. From the Weather Channel, I'm Jeff Eno on news talk seven sixty WJR and plenty of sunshine out there and forty nine degrees. This is the guy Gordon show on news talk seven sixty WJR. Before we took the brief detour there to talk about the opioid epidemic. We were talking about this situation of in Petoskey were a thirty five year old woman trying to get pregnant for the first time miscarriage was told by her doctor. There was no heartbeat rather than have DNC in the office. She said look she was upset. She wanted to see if her body would take care of it for her. So she went to Petoskey with her husband, and I think some other family members and while she was up there. Yes. Indeed. She had a miscarriage and the doctor gave her this script for a drug that would make sure that the the miscarriage was completed and again to try to avoid a void an invasive procedure. But when she went to the Meyer in Petoskey the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription because it can be used for abortions. Even though she said this was about a miscarriage over the phone. He told her I will not fill it. And I don't believe the you've sustained a miscarriage. We'll now the ACLU has gotten involved in. They want some kind of a punitive action taken against that farm. Assist in to make sure that the policy at Meyer, which is that he should have handed it off to another pharmacist to fill or given her her script. So that she could go to another pharmacy and get it filled. And there was another pharmacy actually two of them side by side, just two minutes now in the road. I know this because I spent a lot of time tasking, and it just wasn't wasn't to be. She ended up having to drive all the way back to the the Meyer in Arizona. Because he wouldn't give her the script nor pass it off. Should he be punished for this is some folks that that he was a crusader and should be lauded, but he under the Meyer policy should have handed it off to somebody else. Flat rock. Let's go to Tom. Hello, tom. Tom are you there? All right. Let's go to Toledo and hear what Bob has to say. Hello, bob. Hey guy. First of all, let me say, I am totally against abortion, and my opinion is murder. Okay. With that being said this man had absolutely no right to one denier as far as I'm concerned and not handing off to another pharmacist or giving it back to her. So she could go somewhere else and get it. Okay. To hold it hostage. Now this man should be fired on the spot. Bob. Thank you for your call. That's direct and to the point. And we love it like that. Let's go to Taylor and Daniel to see if he agrees Daniel good afternoon. I'll tell you this pharmacists change who called him the prescription. And it wasn't an abortion clinic. It was a doctor that calls it out. So here you have an uneducated pharmacy knows nothing about her situation getting in between her and her doctor, and I don't seem for driving three hours pharmacist talked to local pharmacist on a daily basis. She probably thought, you know, this guy is going to try to blackball MIR side to make it difficult and she needed the help. So I mean, all he was doing is making speculation. He knew nothing about what happened to her. And for all the Christians, you know, the call and talking about, you know, they're against abortion. That's right. We are against abortion. This wants an abortion. This completely was not an abortion. Now her life was it. Hey, you know, what I mean? So he should be fired. In fact, they should be sued. Well, and you know, you can be a conscientious objector in this case but follow the rules and the rules. Are you don't deny someone medical services? And that's what this was at least in my opinion. Daniel thanks for your call. Let's go to west Bloomfield and Ike standing by who has. Different take on it. Yes. I do. I'm a pharmacist. And I was on the committee with Michigan pharmacists association and. Your fellow associates to niche album has a great line. That says the trouble with common sense that is not too common. As you may know and everybody knows Myers is a chain. Every store has a manager. She should have just gone over the manager and express that. Hey, your fantasies is not allowing me to fill this prescription as you brought out earlier, right? Dan, Meyer policy is that you have to accommodate a patient if they have a legitimate restriction. The magic word in this case is not that he should be fired. He should be retrained as a pharmacist because I've been in that situation myself whereby they were prescriptions that I was somewhat dubious about I would check with a doctor with some sort of a narcotic or what have you just for your information? The the woman's mother actually called the the the manager at the Petoskey store, and she also asked to speak to someone in human resources, perhaps it was a weekend. She got no satisfaction there. Either. And you know, they use the excuse. Well, we can't discuss it because of hip well. And perhaps that's true. So there was a number of opportunities where this could have been rectified, and it wasn't. I appreciate your your input and your urine Saiful Nisar three fifty two on NewsTalk seven sixty. We'll be back to talk a little lions, right? GM's automobile brands are always trying to keep America safe to talk about one way, Chevrolets director of marketing, Richard Choi Chevy. Recently, partnered with some young coders who.

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