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To say goodbye you know maybe put him to sleep or would I am I harland? He has an infection. Last time. You know he's he he went blind maybe it's time. No, it's not. So I, make this joke. Now I I I send messages like Hey Earth stubbed his toe. So I'm thinking about putting his body I was just saying you know he's old I'm like, yeah. But just because he's old, you don't some old guy says, you know all of a sudden got. I fell you know put him to sleep. Anyway. Thanks man I good friends everybody It's too hard I suggest if anything ever happens to you guys in inevitably it will send an email to all of your loved ones at the same time and just say I will keep you updated. I'm not gonNA respond to messages because it's too much and so I just sent a picture sent little things and everybody was really supportive and herbs doing great. So thanks everybody out there even fans my patrons just sending love and You know it's It's been an emotional time in this adding the whole pandemic, adding all these things of course. You know you don't know how stressed you are an fucked up your F- up until it hits you and it hit me so There you go. I'm glad he's okay. Yeah. Thanks man. A big shoutout guys big announcement right now you're here at first it's in the trades but I am I had a chance Ryan Westwood one bought the show citing stuff. We Yeah, man we've been talking about it for a long time and I'm just so pomp that we have a big. Company that's letting us do our show the way we do it from my home. It's like there's no interference other than just incredible support. And there's so many I wish I could name all of them, but I'm doing I'm having meetings now I never meetings just like you know. So. It's just it's really amazing someone behind your show that could really. Help you and help the show get out to more listeners and people who might benefit from us thing and enjoy it. So I want to say thank you everybody for attending our stage at show. Robin I stage DOT COM did two shows on Saturday online show tremendous..

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