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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go Ellen meets a precious nine year old own my goodness named L E, George who will absolutely melt your heart Octavia Spencer asks Ellen to hook up with the big star eight-year-old presidential whiz. Kid Macy Hensley kicks off her twenty forty eight presidential campaign. And judge Judy teaches us at seventy five ages just an ember. I love judge Judy loved her. I loved judge Judy. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Andy last ner. I'm Kevin layman. Who should we talk about? I today judge Judy because we love her Erin. She is so fun and funny. She doesn't do the show that often, right and rich and so rich. She's like how she's halfway there to being a billionaire. Yeah. Really? Yes. 'cause no wardrobe. Show's been on so long, and it's hugely popular pencil love her, and it is so fun to still she works like two days every two weeks and tapes a bunch of them. I mean, it is where we judges. She's also going to Justice so fun to watch someone just be so straight up AUSSIE to our boss areas, Ellen Ellen. An anchor for you. What else would you do? And we wants her here. All the time really loves her. Yeah. Ellen asks for her. She was on the show L Jesus for judge Judy. She's she's she's a tough cookie with heart. Yeah. She's well. She's no nonsense. She's not wasting any done. She just tells it like it Helps is. funny story. She's I'm judge Judy fan. And she was she was great. You'll have a contract until. Like three more years four more years. No, no, no. I think two and a half two and a half more years after work two and a half more years. They have a countdown. Okay. And do you think that you'll renew? I mean at some point you've been doing it three twenty three years Twenty-three. Now, I'm signed up with them until the end of my twenty fifth year. What do you think? I mean, do you still enjoy it? You look like you do wonderful time down to every day. I've thought about that it's because I get bored easily you this job believe in our it's it's an anchor because it gives you some place to go right in place to go. I e the Monday Wednesday and Friday yesterday Thursday and Friday, and I work every other week. So that's my anchor, and because me plenty of plenty of downtime to get bored. And when I get bored, I usually harass people to See Sierra. your IRS? Well, every other week sounds really good. I'm gonna talk to some people. I like that. I want to talk about I is it true that you you went swimming with sharks. Yes. But Nur shocks. They don't really they don't really care where you in the Bahamas. Are you adventurous like do you would you jump out of a plane Jews aren't adventurous? No. Never. All the great adventures do that. You know, did you ever know great Jewish adventure? Well, only because we make Andy do things he's adventurous. But we force him to do an average Andy. But but so so there's nothing I was going to say is there anything that that you wanna do like that's important to you that you because you can do anything you want. So you probably have already done those things there isn't anything that I can think of that that is on a bucket list. No that I want to do we like to travel to travel I like to travel less as I'm getting older. We travel a lot for the live in different places. So that we have kids different places. So we traveled to see them. Now. There are a lot of kids. And there are a lot of grandchildren, and we traveled to work even just the commute from the east coast to the west coast every other week and the change of time, and then you're working, and then gets a lot. It's a lot. Yes. Actually, we did to a lot of traveling for a long time. And I found that it's not that I'm a homebody anymore. But the United States is a very beautiful place. And most people haven't seen enough of what's the beauty of the states is..

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