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Can do things like sell my art. Feature NFT art or music or anything else in the NFT category. And if the real estate that I own, including trading and buying NFTs as well. And basically, it will not only be that but a place where people can learn about NFTs, you know, via content and be connected to other creators and collectors of NFTs, but it's all centrally governed or not centrally government, but decentralized and community governed because it's a decentralized autonomous organization where basically all of the people who are part of NFT dot com were the owners and the profile that we've minted. We have full control over. Nobody can ever take that away from us or dictate what we can or can not put onto it. You know, aside from I suppose the governance of the people who are part of the DAO itself. Correct? Yes. So the only addition I would say to that is that these profiles and the genesis keys which can create the profiles initially form the foundation of an NFT marketplace and a road map which hopefully in accordance to the Dow will form also one day the foundation of a web three social experience. Whether that's a social network or something else, that is going to come down to the Dow and going to get to come down to the people who execute. But yes, this is a marquee domain which will form the basis of the ecosystem starting with the profiles, then going to a marketplace, ideally, a web three social experience after that. What we've seen really as is the birth of an ecosystem of NFTs of this new technological trend that is governed and controlled by the community. So can anybody just go to NFT dot com right now whether they're listening and start an account or a profile, how exactly does it work? Yeah, so this is the most important consideration when you're launching anything. It's not just a web three project, but it was also a web two project. Let's go back to the early days of Gmail. Remember Gmail, then you're old enough to remember Gmail. You couldn't get a Gmail account until someone you knew gave you an invite. That's how Gmail grew. How famous Facebook? I remember, I literally remember when Facebook was just for the people at Harvard. Now I was at University of Idaho and I was jealous because I didn't have a Facebook account. Exactly, great example, Harvard dot EDU email addresses were the only ones that could get in until they went to Stanford everywhere else. Clubhouse, no different. You had to know somebody. You have to, this is a really big vision. And it's going to take because it needs to be community run. You have to somehow invite the community to come in and open up the kimono for the community. So we came up with this really cool concept. It's called the genesis key. And there's 10,000 genesis keys. And basically, genesis key holders.

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